21 hotels to operate on first day of Boracay reopening dry run

A total of 21 hotels and resorts will be allowed to operate during the dry run of the reopening of Boracay on Oct. 15.

These establishments, according to Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu, will be inspected after three days of operation to check their water treatment facilities.

“The biggest reason in conducting the dry run is to test the water treatment capabilities of these hotels,” he said in an interview late Wednesday, noting that only those that will pass the inspection will be allowed to continue their operation.

The dry run will last until October 25.

Cimatu reiterated that only fully-compliant establishments will be allowed to operate during the island’s reopening for both local and foreign tourists on October 26.

However, during the dry run period, Aklanon and tourists from Panay Island will already be allowed to enter Boracay.
A ceremony with an Ati-Atihan dance performance to welcome Aklanon tourists, as well as key officials of the province and its 17 towns will be held on October 15.

Cimatu, who also heads the Boracay Interagency Task Force for Rehabilitation, said the new Bulabog Road will also officially open on Oct. 15 to serve as an alternative route while portions of the main road are still under construction.

Temporary pontoons in Stations 2 and 3 will also serve as drop off point for locals and residents during the dry run period.

Starting Oct. 26, however, regular boat operation will resume in Cagban Port, Aklan Jetty Port Administrator Niven Maquirang said.

He said tourists will provide a booking reservation before they are allowed to enter the island.

Cimatu said 35 environmental enforcers will also patrol the beach of Boracay starting October 26.

“There will be environmental enforcers together with the police every day,” he noted.