3 NegOcc power coops increase rates for June

All three electric cooperatives in Negros Occidental increased their residential rates for June, triggered by the implementation of additional feed-in tarrif allowance (FIT-All).

FIT-All rate is used to pay eligible renewable energy developers under the FIT system.

As of Monday, upward rate adjustments this month are estimated at P0.52 per kilowatt hour (kWh) for Central Negros Electric Cooperative (Ceneco); P0.16 per kWh for Negros Occidental Electric Cooperative (Noceco); and P0.13 per kWh for Northern Negros Electric Cooperative (Noneco).

Engineer Leomel Tambanillo, manager of Ceneco Corporate Planning Division, said the current rate for “affected” consumers is P11.7019 per kWh after an increase of P0.5189 while for “unaffected” power users, P11.4015 per kWh following an increase of P0.5223.

“Affected consumers” refer to those affected by the recovery of Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corporation (PSALM) while “unaffected consumers” are those not using electricity within the said relevant period, but also covered by adjustments for Kepco-Salcon Power Corporation and Energreen Development Corporation.

Tambanillo said the increase can be attributed to higher consumption with an added P0.06 to P0.07 per kWh FIT-All ordered by the National Transmission Corporation (Transco).

Ceneco’s generation rate totaled to P6.7118 per kWh in June, with an increase of P0.1181 per kWh from only P6.5937 per kWh in May.

Noceco general manager Jonas Discaya said they are implementing an increase of about P0.16 per kWh, with an additional FIT-All fee also contributing to the increase.

He said that other factors include higher transmission and universal charges.

For Noneco, Paulino Almedelia, head of corporate planning, said this month’s power rate increase of P0.13 per kWh can be attributed to the implementation of new FIT rate.

For June, the rate is P11.7876 per kWh from P11.6564 per kWh in May.

Almedelia said Noneco has incurred an additional FIT-All of P0.0733 aside from the increase in transmission charge of P0.0866 per kWh.PNA