Contractors told: Hasten infrastructure projects in WV

Department of Public Works and Highways
Department of Public Works and Highways

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH-6) has instructed contractors to speed up the construction of infrastructure projects in Western Visayas.

DPWH-6 Assistant Regional Director Jose Al Fruto, Construction Division OIC chief Ormel G. Santos, and project engineers recently met with representatives of 21 construction firms to discuss the policy direction of President Rodrigo Duterte.

The DPWH-6 said Duterte wants their infrastructure projects completed within 30 days.

The President also does not want “open holes and canals everywhere.”

The DPWH-6 said Duterte has an order “to either cancel the contract of non-compliant contractors or have somebody else undertake the project.”

According to the contractors, the primary factors that cause delay in the implementation of projects are “road right-of-way (RROW) issues, unfavorable weather condition, and security threats.”

Fruto asked the contractors to cooperate and find ways to avoid negative slippage or “the percentage of delay based on contract duration.”

“Be serious in implementing the projects. Finish them on time,” he told them. IMT



  1. Weather and RROW is the the factor that make the project delay as per the Contractor side it is the leniency of the Contractor to complete the project on time. As per contract all possible scenario was well studied and projected with contingency. RROW were already settled before the awarding of the Contract if not then DPWH haa a lot of trouble awarding the Contract without taking into account with regards to RROW. For the DPWH side it is perennial problem of the Contractor was the inability of the DPWH to pay its Contractor in a timely manner. So both of them are to be hammered why the project was delayed.

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