“Creation is our Passion”

 the JorjaMarcs Couture A young fashionista at heart is making herself visible through her creations.

Elegance, glamour and sophistication best describes Jo Sodusta, designer of the JorjaMarcs Couture located at El 98 St., Jaro, Iloilo City infront of the Jaro Central Market.

It all started with the collections of gowns for her two young daughters.

“I used to collect gowns and dresses for my two daughters every time they have activities, programs and occasions in school until our closets were full packed with them”, said Mrs. Jo.

She got an idea that it might be good if they have their gowns rented. Until an opportunity came when a dress shop owner who was closing, came to her and presented the place for rent.

Mrs. Jo never thought of letting the break pass. She took the place and refurbished.

“I renovated the place; make it look bright and attractive with a welcoming aura and amity for our customers”, Mrs. Jo added.

JorjaMarcs Couture were the designation inspired from the combinations of Mrs. Jo’s family names; her lovely daughters, Rachel and Jaira and from her loving husband, Mark.

It was her very supportive family, friends and relatives that let her go on. She was assisted by her niece Marky Eve who is also a fashionista herself and a young artist.

Way back to her youthful years, Mrs.Sodusta loves fashion. She devoted herself in designing clothes both for men and women but by luck, she finished her tertiary not with the course she desired most. She completed her schooling taking up Bachelor in Business and Accountancy.

“I’m not only an accountant by profession but born to be an artist, designer both in heart and in mind,” Mrs. Jo said.

According to Mrs. Jo, it is the challenge in designing dresses that interested and inspired her every time she works on her couture shop.

the JorjaMarcs Couture

Failure for her is inevitable.

“You’ve got to have patience and understanding when dealing with people of all kinds of personalities. Sophisticated designs are hard to make and at times we can’t perfect it, so I have to create and recreate, make and remake all over again. It is costly and very time consuming. But most importantly, seeing my customers’ happy and satisfied makes me inspired and even more creative”, said Mrs. Jo.

Mrs. Jo is fond of designing bridal gowns.

She also designs both men and women’s clothing but she prefers a woman’s clothing the most.

For men, they also create barong suits and tuxedos.

As said by Mrs. Jo, as a designer you still have to be open to any possibilities and be aware of your environment especially when it comes to the costumers’ needs and wants.

“My designs are based solely on our customers’ needs.  Be it elegant or vintage for a classic bride; or certain qualities of women in the different generations especially intelligence, modestly, wit, integrity”, Mrs. Jo added.

According to her, she thought that any of us can be a model, you don’t need to be thin, or skinny, or tall because clothing is for everyone. So, that is why every customer who comes in their shop is a model by his or her own self.

Mrs. Jo is also open to other new possibilities particularly branching out.

In the art of fashion…

Fashion for Mrs, Jo is a picture of creativity and beauty.

Everybody chooses what they want to wear. They feel good about it, especially when it is comfortable and beautiful. It’s also about good attitude. You have to believe in yourself; your individual and personal style.

the JorjaMarcs Couture Being a fashionista is not all about wearing fabulous dresses and “bling-blings”.

Mrs. Jo deliberates herself as a fashionista for the reason that she has knowledge in fashion, its customs, trends and evolution based on her own personal experiences in designing clothes ever since she was a child.

“When they have the passion to express their selves through their clothing then that person can be called a fashionista”

As a woman she has simple tastes in fashion.

“Simplicity but elegant is my forte”, said Mrs. Jo.

As a mother, her two lovely kids were all fashionistas that is why it is easier for her to relate to their wants and needs as well as to her young costumers.

According to her, what you see on the internet, magazines, and TV is the new trend. It is always in the process of evolution.

“Always keep in mind what Ver
ace said “Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live”, said Mrs. Jo.

Fashion is always in the time in which you live.