DTI-6 launches SME Roving Academy

SME Roving Academy
SME Roving Academy

The Department of Trade and Industry-6 (DTI-6) launched its Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Roving Academy recently at the Days Hotel for easy tracking of businesses which underwent capacity enhancement and training program from them.

 Director Jerry Clavecillas, officer-in-charge of the Bureau of Micro Small and Medium Enterprise Development (BMSMED) said this SME Roving Academy is a continuous learning program for the development of SMEs to become competitive in the domestic and international markets.

He said through this academy it helps integrate several strategies like business development services for Small-Medium Entrepreneurs (SMEs) at the national and local levels, establish the Provincial, Regional and National Entrepreneurship Development Networks and manage an inclusive promotion program.

Clavecilla said all these SMEs will undergo learning stages from Stage 1: start-up and capability building stage, Stage 2: market awareness, Stage 3: market readiness, Stage 4: export readiness, Stage 5: export market entry, Stage 6: export sustainability and Stage 7: export readiness.

However, Clavecillas stressed that not all SMEs will undergo all the seven stages because some of them have all ready started or established their businesses, marketing and exporting.

“Others are lack of several stages like readiness and exporting that’s why they don’t need to complete these seven stages. We are giving certificate of completion if they have complied with all the requirements”, he said.

Clavecillas also said under this academy, SMEs will also be taught on how to manage and increase their production and efficiency for competitiveness and to reduce production cost.

“We are encouraging them to take part in nation building and how to lessen gap between the poor and the rich”, he said.

SMEs are being classified through their capital like micro with asset size of P 3 million below, small with capital from P 3 to P 5 million, medium- P 15-P 100 million and large from P 100 up.

In Western Visayas, there are about 11, 000

enrolled SMEs which are under closely monitoring by the DTI-6.

DTI-6 director Dominic Abad said most of them enrollees are engaged in micro businesses. IMT


  1. Sir Jerry Clavecillas,

    My name is Cesar D. Pegarido from Florida and I’m retiring this year and planning to be an entrepreneurship in Grocery and Hardware in Culasi, Ajuy, Iloilo. I secured the commercial lot and I have a building plan. Now I have to register the property to get a permit to build and I need a help from your department and also to get the business license where to get. I would like also to enroll in SME training to run the business.

    Any help will be appreciated

    Cesar D, Pegarido

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