Garins face raps for ‘kicking, slapping, spitting’ at cop

The Police Regional Office (PRO-6) wants to press charges against Iloilo First District Representative Oscar “Richard” Garin Jr and his father, Guimbal Mayor Oscar Garin, for allegedly beating up a policeman.

PRO-6 Director Chief Supt. John Bulalacao, in a statement, said they would file complaints for physical injuries, alarm and scandal, direct assault against an agent of person in authority and grave coercion against Richard and grave threat against Oscar.

“I have nothing personal against the Garins but I have grounds and responsibility to support my personnel and to protect and uplift the image of the police organization,” he stressed.

According to Bulalacao, Richard apologized to him during their phone conversation.

“I accepted his apology but I could not bear how he degraded and humiliated our uniform and our profession as police officers,” he said.

“I could not imagine how a lowly PNP personnel in uniform was mauled helplessly,” Bulalacao added.

The regional director said he recalled the police escorts of the two elected officials and requested the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) to cancel Oscar’s deputation over the police.

Bulalacao also sacked the Guimbal police chief, Senior Inspector Antonio Monreal, “for not taking action to help his personnel.”

The Garins, based on a police spot report, summoned PO3 Federico Macaya of the Guimbal Municipal Police Station at the Guimbal Public Plaza along Rizal Street at around 3:30 a.m on Wednesday, Dec. 26.

When Macaya arrived, he was allegedly disarmed, body-searched and handcuffed by the Garins.

While being held at gunpoint by Oscar, Macaya said he was “kicked and slapped” by Richard, husband of former Health Secretary Janette Garin.

“He (Richard) spit twice on Macaya’s face and fired his firearm and all these happened while Mayor Garin was watching,” Bulalacao said.

The mauling of Macaya stemmed from an incident on Dec. 22 at the town plaza.

Richard wanted charges to be filed against a man who threw a bottle of beer against another person.

But, according to Macaya, it was the victim who refused to file charges because he doesn’t want his parents to know about the incident.

Richard, in a statement, reiterated his apologies.

“I want to make it clear that my actions are not directed to the PNP as an institution, or against its officers and personnel. My actions were a mere display of extreme frustration towards one, single PNP personnel that in my perspective committed a great disservice to the people of Guimbal,” he said.

“Para sa akin, ang ginawa ng pulis na iyon na pag-areglo sa kaso ay betrayal of public trust at klarong pag-abuse ng kayang posisyon. Ang kanyang ginawa ay kontra sa polisiya ng PNP na hindi dapat makialam sa pag areglo ng mga partido sa isang criminal case,” Bulalacao added.IMT