How is Mabilog almost a year after he left Iloilo City?

Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog. Screengrab from Youtube
Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog. Screengrab from Youtube

It’s been almost a year since former Iloilo City mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog, one of the local officials accused by President Rodrigo Duterte of having links with the illegal drug trade, left the country.

Mabilog flew to Japan on August 30, 2017 and from then on he did not return to the city. His whereabouts remain unknown.

Mabilog’s wife, Marivic, and their two children also left the country for security reasons.

How is Jed now?

Marivic, in her latest Facebook post, said: “We live happier, more meaningful and fuller lives.”

“Duterte thought that by maliciously including Jed in the list, without a single iota of evidence to prove his allegations, he can break him and destroy us,” she added.

On August 7, 2016, Duterte revealed some of the names on his “narco-list.” Among those he mentioned was Jed.

The former city mayor repeatedly denied the President’s accusations.

According to Marivic, the list “changed [their] lives for the better.”

“The truth is stronger than his (Duterte)malice,” she stressed.

“Thank you Lord for the trials and our triumphs. You are truly good. Blessings and graces continue our way,” Marivic said.

Jed Patrick was dismissed from service by the Ombudsman in October 2017 for his alleged unexplained wealth.

His second dismissal order in connection with the alleged anomalous towing deal was issued in January this year.IMT