IBL: Qualified teams collide in Semis

Fueled by relentless energy, intense actions ignite the fire inside the court as fiery teams started to unfasten their avenging spirit in the semi final games of Developmental Basketball tournament organized by Iloilo Basketball League (IBL).

Supporters roar, filling the Westbridge gymnasium with claps and shouts as qualified teams collide to secure their way to the finals.

Every team is eager to win, hungry to beat their opponents and starving to get the championship crown.

Based on the latest standing, Westbridge leads the said tournament, completing the game sweep in the qualifying round.

Central Philippine University (CPU) got their first loss in game 22 against Westbridge which broke their no loss record in the said tournament, and kicked them to the second spot.

Assumption School Passi City (ASPC) did well in the first few games; however, their first loss dragged them down, suffering more losses and settled next to CPU.

Iloilo National High School (INHS) showed strong spirit in their games, but it seemed like their teamwork had fallen short to outgun their opponents.

Bario Obrero National High School (BONHS) proved a ‘no retreat, no surrender’ attitude despite of tough line of attack inside the court.

On the other hand, team Cougars remained persistent which reflects hopeful guts of the said team.

Meanwhile, Bing Conlu Center (BCC) team A and B exhibited the true essence of sportsmanship. Despite of winless record, both teams gave good fights in all their games.

IBL’s Developmental Tournament aims to discover potential Ilonggo basketball player.IMT