Iloilo Art Chart |Art shows you can’t miss this August

What you will find in the August edition of the Iloilo Art Chart are shows with artworks that are multi-faceted because they are created by Ilonggo artists with a multi-disciplinary backgrounds, persuasions, and age groups.

The range of the subjects that they have rendered on canvas using their chosen medium has brought to light their musings and the dilemmas and struggles that they have encountered in the exercise of their primary vocation and careers.

While many of the artists have day jobs which occupied most of their time and attention for years, the audience will sense the transformation of numerous artists who shifted full time to art making in order to realize their enduring aspiration to pursue their passion. This is prominent in ArtRhythmia.

A viewer will also find the desires of the artists by the way they utilized metaphor as a method to convey valuable lessons that they have gathered from life’s hardships and successes. These themes are present in PatayGutom. The works of the three artists puts across a message that defined what virtues has allowed them to thrive and attain resilience in an environment of scarcity and intense competition.

Meanwhile, the artist’s emotions and revelations which characterized the personal journey of the artist are well-narrated in Bird of Paradise. The artist brought into the art scene her advocacy on women and gender equality and she shared her point of view on numerous issues from the social up to the personal sphere.

Not to be missed among the shows is Intersect. The multi-talented young artist has applied her knowledge from science and research by rendering results, not in a form of a report paper, but rather in an artform.

In Intersect, Aubrey Beatrice Carnaje have showed how chemical reaction plays influence in shaping our moods and feelings of joy, love, and pleasure.Her collection went beyond self-expression by integrating scientific evidence at the core of the subject matter and by using the canvas to deepen human understanding of the life and works of Vincent van Gogh or perhaps on artists with similar circumstances.

On the other hand, on display at the Book Latte Alternative Art Space are works by six women artists in Optic Aroma. The show however will run until August 12 only. But followers of art will have another show for August entitled “Surreal Rebirth” which will feature the works of Rose Rubinos-Jabadan. It will open on August 14, 2018.

More than anything, the art pieces that are on show this August will help explain the disciplines that shaped the intellectual foundations of the artists either as students of the sciences,as an architect, as a health and medical professional, as an activist, or as an individual trying to find meaning and purpose in life.

  1. Patay Gutom [Gallery i]

PatayGutom features the work of artists Paul John Cabanalan, Jason Delgado, and Noel Elicana, who are Architecture classmates from loilo Science and Technology University. It will be on show at Gallery i until August 22, 2018.

Patay Gutom Poster
Patay Gutom Poster

“PatayGutom” is a familiar terminology among Ilonggos. Generally, it is a Filipino expression that describesthe behavior of people who hoard food from a buffet table, explained the artists.

Usually, “pataygutom” is used to describe people who get or gather food from the table as if it is a last meal or unmindful if others are also hungry and needs food. It is also used to describe the eating behavior of people who has experienced starvation or hunger.

In this show, however, the artists used the title, not for its negative meaning, but to describe resiliency and diligence in the midst of hardship and scarce resources. It also analyzed the circumstances that toughened or strengthened the three artistin their bid to continue with their passion.

  1. Bird of Paradise [Museo Iloilo]

The collection by Margaux Blas in Bird of Paradise presented the artist’s interpretations of reality as an outcome of her fight to free herself from the stranglehold of expectations and attain individual freedom. It will be on show until August 17, 2018.

Bird of Paradise Poster
Bird of Paradise Poster

Majority of her pieces centered on women, an approach used by the artist to highlight the need to abolish enduring societal norms that portray women as an inferior sex. The artist’s focus on the bird reflects her search for a clearer perspective on life like a having a bird’s eye view of the landscape.

  1. Intersect [Et Nos Gallery]

Aubrey Beatrice Carnaje conceptualized her first solo show with three objectives in mind. It will the featured show of Et Nos until August 28, 2018.

Intersect Poster
Intersect Poster

First, is to intertwine scientific images using creative technique. Through my works, Carnaje explained, “the viewers are given the chance to indulge on the splendorof the natural world, from the exquisiteness of microscopic structures to the elegance of celestial formations, and everything in between.”

Second, the artist aimed to create paintings that uses scientific evidence to tackle relevant social issues, such as; racism, gender equality, mental health, and acceptance of members of the LGBT community.

Lastly, the artist intends to show that science is not intimidating. In fact, its beauty can be emphasized through art. “Once you have started seeing hopes and dreams down the telescope; once you have found heart and soul in the stars; then you have discovered the intersection of science and art,” Carnaje emphasized.

  1. ArtRhythmia [SM City Iloilo]

In this show, the viewers will find the medical setting brought out in a public art space in order to engage the public of the realities in the health and medical field using an interplay of healing as an artform and art as a form of healing.

ArtRhythmia Poster
ArtRhythmia Poster

Among the featured works are done by artists Gina Apostol, Krys Balmaceda, Shiela Molato, Adhara Alcudia Sebuado, Kristoffer George Brasileno, Nescel Giabia, Daryl Dalipe, Miguel Antonio Tronco, and Carlo Juntado. The exhibit is located at the Upper Ground Floor, Northwing of SM City Iloilo and will run until August 31, 2018.

ArtRhythmia revealed that the Himbon Contemporary Ilonggo Artists is a repository of artists who are professionals in the health and medical sectors. The collection displayed in the exhibit also showed how art can become an effective medium to popularize the circumstances of health and medical professionals who stood as witnesses on how ailments can damage, not only the body and spirit of the ailing, but also of the workers who administer medications and cure.

  1. Optic Aroma [Book Latte]

The show is described as a “delectable art exhibit by women and for women and lovers of women” at Book Latte Alternative Art Space at the Festive Walk Parade of the Megaworld.

Optic Aroma Poster
Optic Aroma Poster

The Optic Aroma presents the works by Janessa Carreon, Carren Evangelista, Louise Palomar, Lyza Grace Nacion, CarletEspia, Marie Danielle Cabalum, Ilya Salveron, and Karen Monica Turingan-Morecho.

On August 14, Optic Aroma will give way to another interesting artist as Book Latte will present the works by artist Rose Rubinos-Jabadan in Surreal Rebirth.

The Book Latte Alternative Art Space is a shelter of women artists for it was established to support women empowerment, advocacies, and initiatives.

Surreal Rebirth Poster
Surreal Rebirth Poster