Nov.11-17 is ‘Gen. Martin Delgado Week’ in Iloilo

GENERAL MARTIN T. DELGADO STATUE. Gen. Delgado is riding a horse. His right hand is holding the reins of the horse while his left hand is holding the handle of his sword. A dove is perching on his left arm. Photo by Iloilo Metropolitan Times/ Reymar Latoza

Governor Arthur Defensor Sr. has signed an ordinance declaring Nov. 11-17 of every year as “General Martin Delgado Week” in the province of Iloilo.

Second District Board Member Demy Sonza, author of the ordinance, said the week is intended to honor the heroism of Delgado, the “greatest Ilonggo revolutionary general and the first governor of Iloilo.”

“The period from Nov. 11 to 17 marks three important milestones in the life of General Martin T. Delgado, thereby making it fitting and proper for the commemoration of his heroism and distinguished service to his country and people,” the ordinance stated.

Delgado was born in the town of Sta. Barbara on Nov 11, 1858, and died on Nov 12, 1918.

He led the “Cry of Sta. Barbara” and raised the Philippine flag for the first time outside of Luzon on Nov. 17, 1898.

The ordinance also authorized Defensor to “create committees, issue circulars or orders, and take other necessary actions for the appropriate and fitting celebration of the General Martin T. Delgado Week.”IMT