Oca Garin: ‘I’m neutral, Biron or Defensor Jr. choice is a bridge too far’

Guimbal Mayor Oscar “Oca” Garin. Photo by Iloilo Metropolitan Times
Guimbal Mayor Oscar “Oca” Garin. Photo by Iloilo Metropolitan Times

The patriarch of the Garin family who is considered as Iloilo’s First District political kingpin has finally broken his silence on the role of his politics in the Defensor and Biron political contest.

Guimbal Mayor Oscar “Oca” Garin, in an exclusive sit-down interview with IMT News, has declared that he is assuming a neutral position on whom to support between Representatives Ferj Biron and Arthur “Toto” Defensor Jr.

He noted that the situation today is full of uncertainties as there are now talks of no elections next year.

“Anything can happen. You will never know, if [suddenly] Biron and Defensor join hands, ”he said, adding that the whole family is not in a hurry to avoid making early enemies or creating ill-feelings.

Garin clarified that he did not know if there was already a formal offer for incumbent Vice Governor Christine “Tingting” Garin to run under the group of Biron or Defensor, explaining that he is not very particular with the politics of his children.

He, however, said that anybody they will support will definitely gain a slight chance or help winning the electoral race.

“I personally have not made any commitment,” the mayor declared. He further said that Tingting might not be interested of staying as vice governor.

Pressed to explain further, he said he does not know why.

His other daughter AAMBIS-OWWA Party-list Representative Sharon Garin is serving her last term and she has already signified that she wanted Tingting to take her place.

Mayor Garin affirmed that Sharon is no longer interested to stay in politics both in any appointive or elective position.

“The vice governor is just a name. You are just a spare. It’s exposure”, the mayor said, underlining his apparent non-interest of the provincial position available for them.

Pressed to make a categorical answer on whom to support between Biron and Defensor he laughed and said: “It’s a bridge too far. I cannot see if I will cross the bridge because I haven’t seen yet the bridge.” IMT