Salary increase won’t burden WV businesses, says DOLE-6

Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE-6) Director Johnson Cañete believes that the new wage order will not burden businesses in Western Visayas.

Wage Order No. 24, which will take effect tomorrow, July 12, imposes an increase of P13.50 to P41.50 in the daily minimum wage of private sector  workers in the region.

The amounts of increase include cost-of-living allowance (COLA).

“Ang tanong, kaya ba ito ng businesses natin dito?Yes, kaya nila,” Cañete said in a press conference this morning.

According to him, the average daily minimum wage in the region is P400.

“Ang bago nating daily minimum wage ay below P400. Ibig sabihin hindi sya burden,” Cañete said.

Workers employed in non-agriculture, industrial and commercial establishments with more than 10 employees will receive a minimum pay of P365 per day from P323.50.

Those working in establishments with less than 10 employees will get a minimum pay of P295 from P271.50.

Agriculture workers, both in plantation and non-plantation categories, will receive a minimum pay of P295 from P281.50.

Cañete said the wage order would not be implemented in Aklan province and Boracay due to the six-month closure of the island.

“The increase will take effect in Nov. 2018 in Aklan and in Jan. 2019 on the island.”IMT