2 alleged ‘narco mayors’ in Iloilo suffer defeat in 2019 polls

Calinog Mayor Alex Centena and Maasin Mayor Malones, two of the alleged drug protectors named by President Rodrigo Duterte, suffered defeat in the 2019 polls.

Both Centena and Malones ran for vice mayor in their respective towns.

The third-termer Calinog mayor lost to Renato Casinao, 15,877 – 9, 880.

In Maasin, Malones was defeated by Itik Albacete, 9, 680 – 8, 862.

The incumbent Maasin mayor is also on his third and last term.

On the other hand, Carles Mayor Siegfredo Betita was reelected. He had 15, 474 votes against Merlie Tupas’ 14, 368 votes.

Betita was also included in Duterte’s “narco list.”

In 2016, the President tagged Centena, Malones, and Betita as alleged drug protectors.

The three repeatedly denied Duterte’s allegations.IMT


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