6 things to do in Antique

Western Visayas is one of the regions in the country with the highest tourist arrivals. It is home to many beautiful destinations that are worth visiting.

Aside from Boracay Island, in Malay, Aklan, there is still much more that can be explored in the region. If you are planning a vacation this summer, you might consider the province of Antique to visit.

Antique is known as the province “Where the Mountains Meet the Sea.” It is blessed with clean rivers, verdant mountains, and beautiful beaches.

Here’s a rundown of what you can do in the province:


Strawberry picking in Antique

Strawberry picking has become a popular activity in the town of San Remigio, Antique’s “Little Baguio” and Panay Island’s “Vegetable Basket.”

At the Aningalan Highland Stawberry Garden, you can enjoy picking strawberries while enjoying the cool breeze of the place.

The garden, owned by Steve Nodque, is a perfect getaway for those who want to escape the summer heat.

Capture the blooming flowers in Aningalan Highland Garden
Aningalan Highland Garden

It also produces vegetables and is filled with beautiful flowers.

San Remigio is about 29 kilometers northeast of Antique’s capital town, San Jose de Buenavista.


Kawa Hot Bath in Antique

Kawa hot bath is a must-experience at Calawag Mountain Resort in Barangay Tuno, Tibiao. This drains away the stress from your body. Now it comes in several flavors (salt, milk, turmeric, coffee, and beer).


Water tubing in Tibiao River Antique

Water tubing is considered as an extreme activity. This uses recycled rubber tires to chase the rapids of the Tibiao River.


Lambaklad fishing

Fishing is the major source of livelihood in majority of the towns in Antique. One of the methods used by fishermen there is lambaklad.

Lambaklad is a combination of two Filipino words, “lambat” (net) and “baklad” (fish corral).

Fishing in Malabor Coast in Tibiao

Aboard a double-decked bamboo raft floating 50 meters away from Malabor Coast in Tibiao, fishermen are pulling and hauling the net slowly as early as 5 a.m.


Eating along the river of Calawag Mountain Resort in Tibiao.

You and your friends and relatives can feast on sumptuous dishes in a boodle fight in the middle of the river at Calawag Mountain Resort in Tibiao.


The Ruins of Antique | Patnongon Church and Convent

One of the famous and oldest buildings of the town is the Patnongon Church and Convent.

The church and convent was built in stone and mortar by the Augustinians. In 1860, parish priest Manuel Asensio started the construction of the church in honor of the town’s patron, St. Augustine. It was then later on continued and finished under the succeeding priests of the town: Fr. Sabas Fontecha in 1872-1889, Fr. Wenceslao Romero in 1889 and Fr. Eustaquio Heria in 1895.

In 1896, Fr. Joaquin Fernandez landscaped and designed the church plaza and patio. But two years later, it was partly damaged during the Philippine revolution and was reconstructed between 1896 and 1899. It was also restored during World War II in 1941 to 1945. The Mill Hill fathers from England repaired the convent but knocked down the remaining church walls to make way for a school, St. Augustine’s Academy.

It is believed that if it was not bombed by the Americans during World War II, the Patnongon Church would have been the biggest in Antique Province and one of the oldest churches in the Philippines

What’s left of the historical structure are the walls and the first level of the façade. The structure is of neoclassical design and represents a late colonial style. It has shallow engaged pilasters with horizontal bars and flat walls pierced by arched windows.IMT


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