A simple lie

MORE Power Iloilo
MORE Power Iloilo

The Iloilo Economic and Development Foundation, Inc. (ILED) recently called on Monte Oro Resources and Energy (MORE) and known as MORE Electric and Power Corporation to present their plans for the city in the next twenty five years being the new franchise holder of the power distribution in the city.

Expectedly, MORE presented a general statement that they will be selling electricity at a lower rate of P1.21 per kilowatt/hour in the first year and P2 in the next year.

MORE will be enhancing the facilities of Panay Electric Company (PECO) in order to eradicate a non-existent series of power interruptions. Talk about repairing what is not broken. PECO per the records of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) is number one in Western Visayas in terms of efficiency relative to power interruptions.

Unfortunately, MORE cannot present a specific timeline of which the business leaders of Iloilo have been wanting to hear from them. That is because, they have not established even a single pole or attach a single line to their own system. They are just waiting for PECO to give up their own facilities. MORE has been criticizing PECO for its outdated power plant facilities, yet, as one industry leader in attendance noted, MORE has been wanting to use the said plant of PECO.

If PECO will not yield their assets, MORE cannot operate. If only MORE was serious from the start and they have started constructing their own facilities, then they could have started operating already.

MORE made a convincing declaration in ending their presentation. It said that ERC has already called on them and PECO has agreed to start talking about transition the next morning. The announcement earned them applause from the audience. What ILED did not know, MORE lied. There was no scheduled meeting and both ERC and MORE is not aware of any meeting the following day. In fact, there was no transition at all because PECO has already filed a number of cases challenging the constitutionality of the franchise of MORE.

It was a simple lie but it speaks of what really MORE is. Poor ILED, they were made to believe otherwise.


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