Banas Isla Guimaras set on May 19

Heads up, running enthusiasts!

This year’s Banas Isla Guimaras, a trail running event, is set on May 19.

Race director Daive Emberga said they are expecting more participants this 2019.

The first two editions of the event were held in Cabalagnan, Nueva Valencia, Emberga’s hometown.

Experience Banas Isla Guimaras 2019
Experience Banas Isla Guimaras 2019

Aside from its mouthwatering mangoes, the island province of Guimaras is also home to beautiful beaches.

The 60,457- hectare island is best enjoyed during summertime in May. The Manggahan Festival is also celebrated in the same month where mangoes are abundant and at its sweetest. 

Banas Isla Guimaras Trail Running
Banas Isla Guimaras 2019

This year, the organizing team decided to give the participants a glimpse of another provincial highlight – Guisi. In the town Nueva Valencia lies the rustic lighthouse, one of the oldest lighthouse in Panay with an overlooking view of the beautiful beach. Descending from the lighthouse, you can see the whitesand and pristine beaches of Guisi.

Banas Isla Guimaras 2019
Banas Isla Guimaras 2019

Banas Isla Guimaras began with a simple goal of promoting the trail running sport in Panay. Each year brings new perspectives and goals to the organizers, upon realizing that they could do so much more with the event aside from promoting the sport.

The event partnered with the local government of Nueva Valencia and the Department of Environment and National Resources (DENR) this year for the implementation of projects like coastal cleanups, and mangrove and coral planting using the proceeds of the event.

Banas Isla Guimaras likewise embraces the beautiful Panay culture on the details of event shirts and race medals.

The shirt’s design is inspired by the patterns of the Panubok embroidery from the artistry of our ancestors, the Panay-Bukidnon women.

The race medal, on the other hand, will be made out of wooden crafts and hablon lace as a gesture of appreciation to our local products.

Banas Isla Guimaras
Banas Isla Guimaras 2019

With high hopes that runners from all over the country will see and appreciate the reasons behind this event, Banas Isla Guimaras organizers will continue to aspire for bigger goals that can be realized through this event.

Let’s show our support and be a part of the advocacy of promoting our very own in Panay.


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