Baronda thanks Ilonggos for overwhelming survey lead

Former City Councilor Julienne “Jam-Jam” Baronda earns the anointment of the majority of the Ilonggos as the first congresswoman of the Lone District of Iloilo City, the most recent RACI survey shows.

Crediting her “tested and proven love for public service” and campaign platform “HOPE”, congressional candidate Julienne “Jam-Jam” Baronda of the National Unity Party (NUP) – Team Uswag expressed gratitude to the people of Iloilo City for giving her an overwhelming majority in the latest survey conducted by Random Access Consultants Inc. (RACI).

“I am overwhelmed because we are way ahead. It can’t be denied that the intelligent Ilonggo people have decided already that they want a young but experienced leader to be their voice in Congress. Indeed they want the tested and proven love for public service that I have done in the past be back. They want to enjoy the Jam-Jam Baronda brand of service again,” enthused Baronda, the former city councilor who served as chief political officer of Sen. JV Ejercito for almost 5 years.

The prestigious Random Access Consultants Inc. (RACI) survey showed Baronda got an overwhelming 57.7% of the respondents in the February 2019 survey. She is 27.9% ahead over the second placer Joshua Alim whose score continues to spiral down with only 29.8%. His score is 10.9% lower than his 40.7% score in the November 2018. Former councilor Perla Zulueta is at far third with 10% of an increase of 1.3% from her 8.7% score in the November 2018 poll.  

“The Ilonggos are very meticulous and intelligent. You cannot fool them. I went around and told them I am answering their call for me to come back and serve them from the heart. I told them that I will work hard and give them HOPE—Health programs, (Obra) work opportunities, Peace and order projects, and Education initiatives. These are on top of the goal to help solve power, water and traffic congestion problems,” explained Baronda, who netted an increase of 9.5% than her November 2018 score of 48.2%.

She further said that she is the sole congressional candidate who was thoroughly exposed to the nitty-gritty, dynamics and nuances of lawmaking in the national level. “The people might have seen that among us three, I am the most ready on Day 1 of office to discharge the duties and functions of a congresswoman. Why? Because I have worked in the Senate for almost 5 years and participated in the crafting laws as chief political officer of Sen. JV Ejercito. I have joined brainstorming sessions and meetings with the legislative staff of congressmen and other senators. I interacted with congressmen and senators a lot. I know how to prepare for privileged speeches, congressional inquiries, sponsorship and interpellations. In short, I very well know how a law is conceived until it is passed in Congress,” Baronda further added.

The prestigious RACI survey revealed that if elections were held on February 16 and 17, Baronda would have been voted by 6 out of 10 voters while Alim would have had only 3 and Zulueta only 1. Baronda would have swept both male and female voters, all educational levels and all socio-economic classes of likely voters.  Baronda also won in all 7 districts of the city.

“I was not here for 8 years. I raised my family after 2010. I did not plan to go back to politics then but I was called to work in the Senate and I took that opportunity to help the Ilonggos so I served there for more than 4 years. I was not physically present here but many Ilonggos who called and asked for my help got the assistance they needed, from hospitalization to surgery to education to getting work and many more. And now I am called to be back to our beloved city to help more and do more. I did not turn my people down. I rose to the call for duty. I thank everyone for the support,” Baronda said.  

With her lead, Baronda vows to do more to keep the support increase until the election day. She also expects black propaganda and below-the-belt attacks to be hurled against her now that it is clear she is going to win.

“I will continue to go around and meet with our beloved people, listen to them and tell them of my plans and vision.  I also expect to be subjected to all sorts of below-the-belt attacks so I warn the Ilonggos not to be swayed by these lies. They know they can only hijack the will of the people through a rabid smear campaign against me but I trust that the intelligent and finicky Ilonggo people will rise up against these evil and prove to one and all that we are a mature and an educated race. I know God is with us,” Baronda further said.

The RACI survey was commissioned by Bombo Radyo Phils. and had 600 respondents with a margin of error of plus/minus 4% with 95% level of confidence. It used the multi-stage probability sampling among residents who are at least 18 years old and registered voters of Iloilo City. The face-to-face interviews were done last February 16-17, 2019.


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