BIR to tax payers: ‘Don’t wait deadline’

BIRAs the deadline of tax payment approaches, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) is appealing to the taxpayers to pay their taxes correctly before the deadline on April 15.

BIR Regional Director Romulo Aguila said this would avoid taxpayers the long line and they may still be assisted by their people.

“Unlike during deadlines that even if we want to assist them, if they are so many we just can’t,” he added.

Aguila also warned those who are not paying the correct taxes because BIR can detect tax leakages.

“With the advent of technology, we can easily determine who pays, who do not pay and who do not pay correctly. Our computers have system that can easily compare businesses and establishments’ record. Therefore, we can easily pinpoint without the regular auditing”, he said.

Aguila emphasized that paying our taxes on time and correctly contributes to the local economic  growth of the city, the province and the region.

“I also encourage our taxpayers to think about paying taxes not only as an obligation or burden but an investment because if you can see the developments in the region, these are all possible becaue of paying taxes,” he ended.

BIR’s assigned target for 2014 is P8.8B, that is 22.11 % over last years’ collection which was P7.2 B. BIR is asked to collect 1.6 B more over last year.

Last January and February, the region met their assigned target.IMT