Chinese replace Koreans as top WV tourists

Chinese replaced South Koreans as Western Visayas’ top international visitors.

Data from the Department of Tourism (DOT-6) showed that China topped the visitor market in the region last year.

The DOT-6 recorded a total of 783, 732 foreign visitors in 2018, lower by 33 percent compared to 2017’s figure.

The decline was primarily due to the six-month closure of the world-famous Boracay Island in Aklan.

Of the latest number, 258,579 were Chinese tourists. They accounted for 33 percent of market share.

China was followed by South Korea at 216,506 arrivals (27.63 percent); United States, 49,372 (6.3 percent); Australia, 18,887 (2.41 percent); Russia, 16,756 (2.14 percent); Japan, 16,640 (2.1 percent); Canada, 15,512 (1.98 percent); United Kingdom, 15,431 (1.97 percent); Taiwan, 12,507 (1.6 percent); and Germany, 11,784 (1.5-percent market share).IMT


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