Defensor laughs at Biron’s plan to make Iloilo like Singapore

Governor Arthur Defensor Sr. taunted Fourth District Representative Ferjenel Biron over his desire to make the province of Iloilo like Singapore.

Biron is running for governor of the province against Defensor’s son, Third District Representative Arthur “Toto” Defensor Jr.

The third-termer governor belittled Biron’s capacity to fulfill the plan.

Biron, according to Defensor, can’t even beautify the plaza of his hometown, Barotac Nuevo.

“That’s why mabudlay patihan ang hambal niya nga himuon pareho sang Singapore ang Iloilo,” he said.

Singapore is among the world’s richest countries. It is also considered as one of the “Four Asian Tigers.”

The governor also criticized Biron for doing nothing to further improve district hospitals, especially in his district.

Wala man bisan tinidor kag kutsara nga gin-amot si Congressman Biron,” Defensor said.IMT


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