DepEd-6 reminds teachers not to engage in politics

The Department of Education (DepEd-6) reminded teachers and school heads to refrain from campaigning for any candidate for the midterm elections and to make sure that their schools are free from politics.

Victor de Gracia Jr., assistant regional director, on Tuesday said that teachers are barred from campaigning for a poll bet because they are considered employees belonging to the civil service.

He emphasized that candidates campaigning in the school premises and using school facilities like covered gyms is prohibited because it is “not a school activity.”

“School heads should not allow politicians to campaign and distribute goodies inside the school grounds,” De Gracia said.

He added that distributing school supplies and other materials, which bear the face and the name of the politicians inside the school, is prohibited because “the politician is obviously campaigning.”

Politicians should also be responsible enough to protect the children from any influences, De Gracia said.

However, he clarified that campaigning to school children’s parents outside the school is not anymore covered by DepEd.

“If parents were invited outside the school, it is up to them to attend or not, De Gracia said.

He added that politicians should follow designated poster areas by the Comelec and spare school fences from campaign posters.

“We are guided by our guidelines to be observed during the election period so we expect our school heads to read and understand the guidelines,” De Gracia said. 

Activities prohibited under DepEd Order No. 48 issued on November 13, 2018 include forming groups to solicit votes and campaign for or against a political party or candidate; making speeches, commentaries, announcements, or holding interviews for or against a party or candidate; creating, distributing, or displaying campaign materials; “directly or indirectly” gathering contributions for political purposes; wearing campaign materials bearing names of politicians or political parties; being a watcher for a candidate or political party during elections; and using government resources including personnel, property, and time for political purposes. (PNA)


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