Desolo Liber

khariza-joy-sofiaSplash! That’s when she saw the first light. She was so amazed of what she saw. “So this is how it feels to be free”, she told herself. Suddenly, someone bumped into her, and then she saw there were several like her who are enjoying their freedom. She swam along, not knowing where the current will take them.

She was looking around her; she could see she’s passing through a tube.  And then she approached someone like her, and she asked him where they are going. He said they’re all going to the chamber of secrets. “The chamber of secrets?” she asked. “Have you not heard about it? Have you not heard about what the chamber can do? The chamber is the most powerful thing in our world, it gives one of us the ultimate freedom; it gives us life. But no one really knows how the chamber does it, so it was named the chamber of secrets”. She was left with awe. The ultimate freedom, she thought. “I’ve heard about the ultimate freedom, but I never believed them. I thought it was just a myth”, she told him.

“It’s not a myth, he exclaimed. Do you see all of them struggling just to get there? The stories tell that only one of us will be able to go inside it. Only the strongest of our group will have the privilege to have the ultimate freedom”, he said to her as they continue to swim. “Someone also said that when you’re finally inside, you will hear two voices talking to you”, he continued. “One has a sweet voice and the other has a big voice. They said those two will be happy to have you and will give you whatever you need and will take care of you”.  And then it snapped her! I need to get there, she told herself. I need to have the ultimate freedom. She counted how long she has been in the dark, and now that she’s finally free, she will not let the opportunity slip away. “Thank you for the information, she shouted. She swam faster and faster, oblivion of the others.

And then she saw it, she saw the chamber. It was a beautiful sight she won’t forget. Rays of light are coming out of it, inviting her to come inside. “Almost there”, she said. She swam harder, passing through others.  She continued until she touched the chamber. “I made it”, she said as she felt the chamber closing in upon her. And then she suddenly felt her body was being absorbed, and then she saw herself dividing into pieces. “What is happening to me?” she asked herself. She can feel that she’s being dragged *6+to the tube again. “No”, she thought. I’m supposed to be free, where are you taking me? And then she heard a loud pop and she stopped. She stayed in that position for, she don’t know how long, until she heard a loud beat. Ba-dump! Ba-dump!” it goes. What is that sound? Ba-dump! Ba-dump! There it goes again. “Oh wait, it’s coming right within me”, she said.

She was taken by the loud beat when she heard something. Ring! Ring! Ring!  What is that sound? Ring! Ring! Ring! She was about to look for the source of the sound when she heard a voice, “I’m pregnant”, the voice said. There was a pause. That must be the sweet voice he was telling me, she remind herself. It was the loveliest voice she ever heard.  “I’m not ready”, the voice said. That must be the big voice! And then she heard the sweet voice suddenly saddened. “Okay, I will take care of the baby alone”, the sweet voice said. She was about to move when she heard the sweet voice wept. “What’s wrong? She asked. Why are you weeping? You should be happy! I am here now. And then she felt something, it feels so smooth, so comforting. “Don’t worry baby, I will take care of you”, the sweet voice said. Why are you crying? She wants to ask her but she can’t hear the words coming out from her mouth.  “I love you baby, and eventhough your daddy won’t be with us, I will love you with all my heart”, she heard the lovely voice said again. My what? Why won’t he be with us? But they told me there should be the two of you! They said you two will be happy to see me! Why, why will it only be the two of us? She asked herself and then she began to feel tears coming from her eyes. “Lovely voice, please don’t cry. I will take care of you. I promise you I will take care of you too, were the words she remembered before she knocked herself to sleep.

On the last government statistics, results showed that solo parents consists 14 to 15 percent of estimated 94-million Filipinos. Solo parents include those who are migrant parents, widowed and unmarried. Babies born out of wedlock can be considered illegitimate, unless otherwise provided by the family code. Every child has the right to have a happy family but then, somehow, the things have already changed with the present generation. Some parents abandon their children for reasons like they are not yet ready for the responsibility. You are not yet ready but you have the audacity to do the “thing” when you know very well that you can produce a child from it.

Everyone is not perfect, yes it’s true, but you have to take responsibility of your act. Sooner or later, it’s not going to be YOU who will suffer but the child who will ask herself why her parents abandoned her. It was written on Chapter 3 Art. 46 of the Child and Youth Welfare Code of the Philippines, one of the general duties of the parents is to always set as a good example.

If you cannot be a good example to your children, don’t make one.