DOT-6 introduces ‘Iloilo Loves Guimaras’ campaign

Iloilo Loves Guimaras. Graphic by Clark Villaruel Antiquiera/IMT
Iloilo Loves Guimaras. Graphic by Clark Villaruel Antiquiera/IMT

“The mutual ties between Iloilo and Guimaras needs further strengthening”.

These were the words of Atty. Helen J. Catalbas, Department of Tourism (DOT-6) regional director, as she announced the newest tourism campaign of the region’s tourism department, dubbed ‘Iloilo ♥ Guimaras’.

‘Iloilo ♥ Guimaras’ campaign aims that marketing tourism products, services and attractions of Iloilo and Guimaras be done in a twinning mode as visitors take the air, sea and land connectivity with the rest of the Philippines and the world offered by Iloilo.

Catalbas said with Iloilo and Guimaras falling on the same Tourism Development Area No. 1 under the National Tourism Development Plan, the two provinces should help each other in promoting their tourism industry.

She cited that Guimaras is just 15 – 20 minutes away from Metro Iloilo via pumpboat, thus, it will be easy to include it in the tourism circuit.

With the success of the ‘Experience Western Visayas First’ campaign, Catalbas believes that this synergy will greatly help in designing a strategic marketing campaign that will highlight the best of both provinces.

“The goal of our campaign ‘Experience Western Visayas First’ is to attract tourists to come to this region and experience what it has to offer. Our next target is to create a campaign that will emphasize the tourism circuits within the region by strengthening ties among the provinces. This is the goal of the Iloilo ♥ Guimaras campaign,” Catalbas said.

“Other intra-regional twinning combinations in marketing the rest of the provinces in Western Visayas are all in the planning board. Consultation with the local government units involved through their respective tourism officers shall be thoroughly undertaken by DOT-6 before the campaign’s formal launching”, Director Catalbas concluded. IMT


  1. yes, thats good idea iloilo love guimaras ties two provinces, its a big opportunity to our tourism r-6, the phenomenon region, a succesfully marketing strategies, the ilonggos boost, we people of the region can believing, the best iloilo love guimaras ties in a bridge………

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