DOT-6 pushes “Tour of Seven Bridges of Blessings”

new-tourismTo create awareness on the historical significance of these structures among locals and tourists, the Department of Tourism-6 (DOT-6) is planning to launch a new tourism product dubbed as the “Tour of Seven Bridges of Blessings”.

DOT-6 Regional Director Atty. Helen Catalbas said this new tourism product will help generate a new historical experience that tourists can have upon their visit in Iloilo.

The following bridges were considered historical: Iloilo Bridge, Forbes Bridge, Carpenter Bridge, Quirino-Lopez Bridge, Jaro Bridge, Buhang Bridge, and Montinola Bridge.

Forbes Bridge is considered as the oldest among the seven bridges, it was constructed in 1910 and was rehabilitated in 1975. Along with the other bridges in Iloilo City, these structures are considered as part of history and as monuments of growth.

Catalbas added that every story in the mentioned bridges, as well as the persons responsible for its construction and the virtues and traits that these people possessed that can inspire present-day Ilonggos.

She believed the bridge tour package will help propel the tourism industry of the city, provide more passengers for the transport sector, more sales for the vendors, and can urge craftsmen to create souvenirs.PIA/IMT