Eight year-old Ilonggo, National Taekwondo gold medalist

 Elisha Venice E. Aguilar
Elisha Venice E. Aguilar

“No pain, No game.”

A very recognizable yet powerful line uttered by an eight year-old Elisha Venice E. Aguilar, a national champion and gold medalist in Taekwondo during the National Poomsae competition in Manila wherein she represented the Western Visayas region.

Aguilar, a grade three student of Ateneo de Iloilo with a height of 136 centimeters, had already attained different awards in the field of Taekwondo. Tracing back her roots, Elisha is a proud daughter of Mr. Alvin Aguilar, the first Ilonggo participant of Ducati Cup Circuit Race wherein he bagged series of awards.

The young taekwondo gold medalist posted her best scores 22, 27, 24 during the Integrated Meet 2014. Her mother, Tisha Aguilar is the one who accompany her daughter every time she has a game as she provides everything needed in the competition.

She started playing or practicing Taekwondo at the age of 6. At an early age, Aguilar joined lots of Taekwondo competition and successfully finished atop among other players.

In fact, she was already a recipient of many awards and medals. Aside from being a national gold medalist, some of her major achievements include the following: Iloilo PRISSA 2012 and 2013-Gold medalist, Iloilo Integrated competition-gold for individual poomsae, silver for the team poomsae and silver for sparring, Iloilo ISSA 2013-gold individual poomsae and gold for the sparring.

According to Aguilar, she likes Taekwondo because she wants to defend her family and also herself. She also believes that she will have a career in Taekwondo proof that even at an early age, she became a gold medalist.

“I’m very happy because my family is very supportive every time I have games. As of now, I will never stop training and will always work hard as I enjoy what I am doing,” said Aguilar. IMT