Guimaras may sue Iloilo City Gov’t, DoubleDragon over P11 terminal fee

Guimaras is against the P11 terminal fee.
Guimaras is against the P11 terminal fee.

Guimaras Vice-Governor Vicente de Asis, who is a lawyer, said the provincial government may take legal action against the Iloilo City Government and Edgar “Injap” Sia’s DoubleDragon Properties Corp. once the proposed P11 terminal fee pushes through.

De Asis said the provincial government of Guimaras was not consulted regarding the P11 terminal fee which will take effect as soon as the Guimaras-Iloilo Ferry Terminal (GIFT) project in Iloilo City becomes operational.

“The people of Guimaras were unfairly treated when they were left in the lurch during the framing of the joint agreement between the city government and DoubleDragon,” the vice governor said in a report by the state-run Philippine News Agency.

He emphasized that the people of Guimaras are the ones who will suffer from the pricey terminal fee.

He said they would file a petition for injunction against the project.

Recently, the Integrated Bar of the Philippines/Guimaras Chapter initiated a signature campaign against the P11 terminal fee.


  1. Stupid is as stupid does
    The new terminal will be generating it’s own fees through the mall being built. There is no need to put more burden on the people, especially the ones in Guimaras who by and large are poor to start with.

  2. It was proudly announced by the City Mayor that Double Dragon will not spend a single centavo in constructing this “kuno” world class state of the art public transport terminal facilities. Kay gali bawion sang DD and iya construction cost from the poor pipol of Guimaras.

  3. Why do the people of Guimaras have to suffer for the improvement/beautification of Iloilo?

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