Iloilo Art Chart |Art exhibits to visit this July

SalvageArt viewing will be an interesting experience for the month of July in Iloilo City as the local artists presents contemporary art pieces from painting to wood and stone sculptures.

The Iloilo Art Chart has followed recently opened exhibits across the metropolis and found out a mix of artworks by different artists. Noteworthy are the initiatives by some of the masters who have gone out to exhibit works side-by-side with promising newbies.

The works that are on show in the various galleries are socially engaging for its relevant messages as reflected by the political events of the time. At the Gallery i are wood works by a family of wood carvers who have unveiled their skills and competence on wood by pushing their patience to the limits in order to come up with sculptures made from scrap or salvaged wood set aside from a family woodwork shop.

The wood sculpture expresses an assertive meaning that calls for unity and collectivism and are now featured in “Salvage.”

At the Et Nos Gallery is the exhibit “Engkluso.” It shows the recent works by 14 Ilonggo artists who have used different medium to display their various interpretations of the life of Filipino farmers. A recurring theme among numerous art shows, Engkluso presents the simplicity of life at the countryside and what are the challenges being faced by farmers today.

Similar to an exhibit tour, the Book Latte Alternative Art Gallery located at the Festive Walk Parade has hosted the work of Bacolod-based artist Bert Berondo entitled: “Tumandok.”

In addition, the recently opened Festive Walk Mall at the Megaworld have offered respite for mall goers who go for window shopping in these times of high inflation. By serving as an alternative art venue, the commercial space had been accentuated by the works of Shiela Molato and Sonny “Yob” Tolentino and stone and wood sculptures by PG Zoluaga and Momo Dalisay.

  1. Salvage [Gallery i]

salvage poster

 The exhibit Salvage shows the recent work by cousins JeanrollEjar, Jun Orland E. Espinosa, and Tyrone Dave Espinosa.

The three artists “have already explored the idea of saving debris from total destruction. In fact, the three have significantly practiced turning trash into collectibles in their apparent struggle to emerge as serious artists,” shared Martin Genodepa in the rationale that he wrote for the exhibit.

The wood sculpture by the three artists were made from wood scraps that they were able to salvage from disposals coming from wood material of made-to-order furniture from clients in the family shop. The work resulted in an opulent wood sculptures made from teak wood, molave, gemilina, mahogany, or wood planks.


  1. Engkluso[Et Nos Gallery]
Engkluso Poster
Engkluso Poster

The exhibit Engkluso presents the original paintings by 13 visual artists and epoxy on wood sculptures by Rony Tolentino.

The artists who participated in the group show has presented a varied medium from acrylic, oil, watercolor on paper, and mixed media. Some of the most promising newbie artists has considered the exhibit their baptism to the local art scene having received mentorship from the seniors who had established a name in the art sector.

There is also much to be learned from Engkluso especially among mid-career artists who showed their continuing experimentation on the use of different medium, approaches, and themes to demonstrate the process of self-evolution.


  1. Tumandok [Book Latte Alternative Art Space]
Tumandok Poster
Tumandok Poster

Dubbed as his 46th exhibit in the country, artist Bert Berondo’s featured works on women is now at the mezzanine of Book Latte which serves as an alternative gallery to show the works of both the budding and professional artists.


  1. Two Collaborative Exhibits[Festive Walk Mall]

The abstract work of Shiela Molato and impressionist paintings of Sonny “Yob” Tolentino are displayed at the 3rd Level of the newly-opened Festive Walk Mall at the Megaworld.

The viewers are welcomed by the wood and stone sculptures by PG Zoluaga and Momo Dalisay at the ground floor and second level of the mall.

Two of the most respected recognized artist in the country, Zoluaga and Dalisay also credited the wood sculptures that are displayed to sculptor to sculptor Noel Sibunga, wood carver Serafin Ballesteros, and Cha Magbanua’s art collection.


  1. Sa Kada Pispis nga Naga-amba [SM City Iloilo]
Sa Kada Pispis Poster
Sa Kada Pispis Poster

At SM City Iloilo are the recent realist and impressionist works by four artists: Bal Cerbo, Tito Nobleza, Marge Chavez, and Sonny “Yob” Tolentino III.

The exhibit entitled: “Sa Kada Pispis nga Naga-amba” (Between Bird Songs) attempts to refresh the imagination and consciousness of the audience of the pleasures of an unsophisticated provincial life as interpreted by the artists in the canvas.

The exhibit will enable the viewers to relieve the simple and quiet pastoral life that most Filipinos have experienced during childhood and realize the transformation of society.