Iloilo Art Chart |September Art Storm

The Iloilo art scene is gathering strength and September is like a storm with new shows popping up in galleries and alternative art spaces offering mainstream audience an opportunity to appreciate artworks and for art aficionados to have a wider selection of different artworks for their collection.

Poetic Dissent Poster
Poetic Dissent Poster

Poetic Dissent

Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art

Poetic Dissent: The Artworks of JehoBitancoris now the featured artist at the Hulot Museum of the Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art (ILOMOCA).

The first solo show of Bitancor at ILOMOCA, Poetic Dissent is an articulation of his own brand of creativity and imagination. Employing the beauty of poetry through a juxtaposition and metamorphosis, he creates flowing allegories, ironies, parodies, and parallelisms that mirror the standpoint of the present society.

A multi-awarded Filipino contemporary artist based in the United States, JehoBitancor has mounted 23 solo painting exhibitions and his pieces are among the collection of institutions like the Singapore Art Museum, UP Bulwagan ng Dangal Heritage Museum, Ateneo Art Gallery, De la Salle University Museum, National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Cojuangco Museum, Balay Segundo Museum, Museo de Baler, Social Security System Art Collection, andthe Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art in Iloilo City.

Bitancor is a son of Baler, Aurora. He graduated in 1992 with a Major in Painting and Visual Communications (Advertising) from the College of Fine Arts, University of the Philippines. Poetic Dissent will run for two months and with some of Bitancor’s latest works on sale with proceeds intended to benefit the Iloilo art community.

Poetic Dissent is a featured exhibit at ILOMOCA until November 7, 2018.


Oro, Plata, Mata

Et Nos Gallery

The sculpture exhibit title reintroduced the present-day art audience on the film made popular by director PequeGallaga – Oro, Plata, Mata. Released in 1992, the film is considered as Gallaga’s best contribution to Philippine cinema.

The Oro, Plata, Mata (or gold, silver, death) is a superstition applied in architecture and used as a lyric of a chant while counting the number of steps of the stairs which must not end with a Mata or death.

In this sculpture exhibition, however, the original domestic chant has been borrowed to deliver a new concept. It is a celebration of this form of art presented by both established and emerging Ilonggo sculptors that will provide re-birth of the artistic genes developed from the womb of mortal artistry and imaginative invention.

With the changing styles and distinctive expressions that showcase no other but pure humane living- both the good and the bad, whatever the artist could decipher or suppress between his bosom in the process of breathing new life on the masterpiece through the dynamic mediums that the hand could invent or transform.

The show features the works by 14 Ilonggo artists: Genodepa, Zoluaga, Cabalfin, Dalisay, Gonzales, Anas, Zambarrano, Castillo,Sumile, the Espinosas, and the Ejars. It will be on show at Et Nos Gallery at the Angelicum School until September 25, 2018.

IndustReal Poster
IndustReal Poster



Emerging as a concept hotel in the fast-developing urban section of Iloilo City, the BhiveHotel surprised the public when it staged INDUSTReal, an art exhibition which features the works by 11 of Iloilo’s best artists.

The idea carried by the exhibition blended well with the concept hotel’s industrial interior and to push for a common cause that will support the efforts of Friends of Children with Cancer as beneficiary.

“The exhibition carries a dual advocacy and that is to help cancer patients and support local artists by showcasing their works at Bhive Hotel,” said RichelSucgang, who owns the hotel.

INDUSTReal presents the best and carefully selected art pieces by Alex Ordoyo, Carlo Juntado, CrisBarredo, Norman Vincent Acedera, Daryl HechanovaDalipe, Marvin Monfort, JeanrollEjar, Mating Namo, Gilbert Labordo, Christine Acedera, and Pam Reyes.

The show is ongoing at the lobby of Bhive Hotel at Taft North, Mandduriao.

In the Bloom Poster
In the Bloom Poster

In Bloom

Wooden Living Alternative Exhibition Space

In Bloom is the second solo show of artist Sasha Cabais. Her art presentation was influenced by her firsthand encounter with nature in Iloilo, a total change of setting from urban Macau where she spent an early age.

The ocean encircling the archipelago and its mountains and river streams offered what she described as a tactile experience that changed her heart after she enjoyed the freedom presented by the abundance of trees, plants, moss, and corals underwater.

In Bloom speaks about two great messages: “first, the great essence of our relationship and intimacy with nature, and; second, our capacity to bloom and thrive even in the most hardened and unlikely places,” shared Cabais.

The calming elements in her works represent the energy of our flora: the plants and flowers that open and close in a cosmic dance with the wind. Added to these paintings, mixed media pieces, and sculptures are the pensive element that evokes a feeling of contemplation and meditation.

Known for her versatility and courage to explore styles and diverse expressions, In Bloom shows the confident feminine aura of Cabais and revealed her capacity to come up with a unified concept. It allowed the viewers to appreciate her delicate eye for details and her extraordinary skills in carpentry and wood carving.

In Bloom is on show at the Wooden Living Alternative Exhibition Space in Mandurriao Distirct until October 3, 2018.

Two Spirits Poster
Two Spirits Poster

Two Spirits

Book Latte Alternative Art Space

The Book Latte Alternative Art Space will introduce the works of father and son duo El Dosado and Elijah BenjDosado starting September 15, 2018. This is the second time for the father and son to exhibit their works. In October 2017, they presented works in “Wild Hearts” at the Cinematheque Gallery.

In Two Spirits, they will share their immortal world within the deepest part of their hearts through paintings that in order to show the true essence of their unconditional and spiritual love for all the creations of God.

As a lover of God’s creations, prominent in El Dosado’s creations from small sculptures to paintings highlight the endangered species and features a unification of living creatures big and small and mortal and immortal by presenting images of merfolk, earth-angels, gnomes, and other guardians of nature.

The young Elijah Dosado, on the other hand, has rendered a distinct style while inheriting his father’s love for nature as themes of his works. He is appreciated as the youngest artist in Panay in the art exhibit, “Enlightened by God’s Love 8 Generations: Art Sublime” held in January 2016.