Iloilo pilot site for voter registration verification

The province and city of Iloilo are among the country’s pilot sites for the Voter Registration Verification Machine (VRRM) as part of the automated election system this May 13 polls.

“This is a machine to verify the fingerprint of a voter to make sure that he/she is a registered voter,” said Jonathan G. Sayno, Elections Assistant II of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) in an interview Thursday, March 7.

He said the operation of the VRRS is among the topics tackled in the ongoing training of the Board of Election Inspectors (BEI) held in a hotel in this city.

“The function of the VRVM is to eliminate flying voters,” he said, adding that the biometrics of the registered voter is encoded in the machine.

During the day of the elections, there will be two lines for registered voters; one is to get a verified receipt stating that he/she is a registered voter of a certain precinct.

Thereafter, the verified voter will proceed to the second line to claim the ballot.

“They could not vote without the verification receipt,” Sayno said.

Meantime, 1,134 teachers were tapped as BEIs of the city’s 378 clustered precincts for the May polls.

This midterm elections, the Comelec is expecting some 75 to 80 percent of the 294,766 registered voters to go out and cast their votes.

Sayno urged voters to check their names in the voter’s registration system that will be posted in various precincts this March so they won’t have a hard time looking for their names during the Election Day.PNA