Ilonggo Korean-tutors to organize

With the bloating population of Koreans wanting to learn the English language , the city mayor is recommending Ilonggo Korean tutors to organize a cluster.

Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog said it is an opportune time to recognize the efforts of the Ilonggo lecturers and spare them from job injustice. “In light of recent reports that most of them are not being paid or treated fairly by their Korean clients, it’s high time that they should form an association,” Mabilog said.

The regulation of the group will safeguard the tutors in upholding their rights and help them concur on fix rates and salaries of Korean clienteles.

Mabilog also addresses the Department of Labor and Employment to take necessary actions to the surfacing problems of the teachers including wages disputes and exploitation complaints.

Iloilo City houses numerous English schools for Koreans and other nationalities such as Japanese and Chinese as well as universities offering Languange course particularly English classes.

Recently, DOLE has ordered ILJIN Electric, a Korean company, to recompense some P2.3 million to its seventy-three former employees in back wages and benefits, including overtime pay, 13th month pay and cost of living allowances. LPC/IC-PIO/IMT.