Kabugwason is Salakayan 2019 champion

Tribu Kabugwason of Miagao National High School (Photo by Miagao LGU)

Tribu Kabugwason of Miagao National High School was declared champion in the Tribes Contest of the Salakayan Festival 2019.

The tribe also took home the Best in Choreography, Best in Performance, Best in Music, and Best in Costume awards.

Kabugwason has been invited to perform in Imus, Cavite in May this year for the Wagayway Festival.

Meanwhile, Tribu Salagyawan of Alejandro Firmeza Memorial National High School was first runner-up.

Tribu Tabun-ak of Palaca Damilisan National High School finished second runner-up. It also snatched the Best in Opening Salvo award.

A total of seven tribes joined the contest held on Feb. 9.

Tribu Ang Manughabol kang Miagao of Kirayan National High School also performed during the event but as non-competing tribe.

The Tribes Contest is the highlight of the festival.

Salakayan showcases Miagao’s rich cultural heritage. The festival takes its name from a hiligaynon word “salakay”that means “to attack.”

The competing tribes re-enact the historic 1754 battle between the townsfolk and Moro raiders.IMT