Majority of firstborn children in Aklan illegitimate

Majority of firstborn children in Aklan last year were illegitimate.

Based on data from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), the province had 4,478 firstborn children in 2018.

Of the figure, 3,475 (78 percent) were illegitimate while 1,003 (22 percent) were legitimate.

The town of Kalibo had the highest number of illegitimate eldest children. It was followed by Ibajay with 319, and Malay with 266.

Illegitimate children are those conceived and born to parents out of wedlock.

Fifty-one percent (2,290) of the firstborn children last year were males while 49% (2,188) were females

Majority of the eldest children were born when the mother was 20 years old at 8% (438) and to fathers at 22 years old with 7% (327).

Eldest children were mostly born in the hospital at 74% (3,336) while those at born at home accounted for 24% (1,090).

Physicians were the most popular attendant at birth by first-borns at 69% (3,082), followed by hilot at 22% (971), midwife at 6% (338), and nurse with less than one percent (23).

According to PSA, these data were derived from the certificates of live birth submitted by local civil registry offices every end of the month.PSA/IMT