Medicus Iloilo fights cancer with ‘Sniper Treatment’

Medicus is spreading out its medicinal business by instituting a cancer clinic in the metro.

Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog said this whopping investment was laid down the table during his meeting with executives of Medicus Iloilo City, Inc. Heade by Dr. Vicente Villareal.

“They are putting up a cancer clinic at their site in DiversionRoad that will have what they call ‘sniper treatment’ in contrast to cobalt,” Mabilog said.

‘Sniper Treatment’ will serve as an agent in killing the tumor cells excluding those which are surrounding the

The ‘sniper’ will unleash killer cells to kill the tumor cells but not surrounding hale and heartycells.

Mabilog added that this is a welcome development especially for cancer patients here because they need not go to other places to undergo costly procedures.

The groundbreaking ceremony will be on April 12 this year and construction is expected to be completed this on the first quarter of 2014. IMT