Milk tea sales down

Milk Tea sales down
Milk Tea Businesses in Iloilo. IMT

A 22-year-old Red Cross volunteer used to drink a large-sized cup of milk tea everyday, but after the reports came out about the alleged milk tea poisoning in Iloilo City she refrained herself from consuming milk tea.

Twinkle (not her real name) said for more than a week in the height of the said issue, she totally stopped buying milk tea because she got scared. Although she regained her confidence back and start drinking again, but not as often as before.

Twinkle is among those who limited themselves from drinking milk tea due to the reported case of food poisoning that killed 1 and hospitalized at least 66 individuals after taking milk tea at Dakasi, a Taiwanese restaurant in Iloilo City.

This reported milk tea poisoning affected other milk tea serving establishments in the city. Three milk tea shops admitted that they felt the negative impact this incident involving milk tea product, especially to their sales.

Sharetea, Moonleaf, and Bon Appetea said that they were greatly affected as the number of their costumers suddenly dropped.

Bon Appetea disclosed that before they could sell around 100 cups of milk tea everyday, but after the issue they can only sell around 60 cups a day.

Moonleaf shared the same sentiment. They testified that many of their costumers stopped buying milk tea. From 250 cups, they decreased to less than a hundred cups a day.

Sharetea also expressed worry over the declining costumers. Though they refused to give figures, but they admitted that sale slowed, especially the first week of the said issue.

Mr. Ho of Sharetea Iloilo  said in a report of that they agreed that no one wished for the incident to happen but admitted that their milk tea house is also affected since there was a significant drop of customers who visit their place after the news broke out about milk tea poisoning.

Meanwhile, the mentioned milk tea shops assured that their milk teas are well prepared and they could guarantee safe products for their customers.

Until now, the city health authorities haven’t yet released the full result of their investigation confirming the real cause of the poisoning.IMT


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