More teachers for public schools this June

Around 20,000 new teachers will be hired all over the Philippines on the next school year. In Iloilo, about 900 new teachers will be added to the existing number of teachers in all public schools in the city this June.

DepEd Region VI Schools Division Superintendent Myrna S. Castillo said that 892 teachers will be added for 2013-2014 school year; 252 for Kinder, 125 for Elementary and 515 for Secondary level.

An additional of 71 more will be added both to elementary and secondary level.

“This is a nationwide picture. We really lack of teacher staff right now, but the government is doing its best to cope up and lessen the problem”, she articulated.

Castillo admits that eventhough there will be additional teachers this coming school year; the numbers are still not enough to the needs of the several schools. However, hiring these new teachers will help lessen the burden of the student-teacher ratio.

At present, there is an approximate 60,000 teaching staff shortage in the country.

Earlier, the Department of Education mentioned that they will hire 61,000 new teachers, along with the construction of more than 60,000 classrooms and 90,000 toilets to minimize backlog.

As one of the lawmakers in the country reiterates, the Philippines needs to enhance its educational system to be able to meet the increasing needs and demands of the superior competitive market. IMT