MRWD: ‘Water still safe for drinking’

MRWD General Manager Gonzalo Delgado
MRWD General Manager Gonzalo Delgado

The Metro Roxas Water District (MRWD) assured that its water is still safe for drinking.

This despite the occurrence of algal blooms in the 152 kilometer long Panay River, MRWD’s major source of water.

MRWD General Manager Gonzalo Delgado said their consumers have nothing to worry about.

“We assure [them] that our water is still safe for drinking,” he stressed.

MRWD recently conducted an ocular inspection of the Panay River and its water treatment plant in Barangay Salocon, Panitan.

But Delgado said since the water flows through pipelines, there’s a possibility that it might be contaminated before it reached their consumers’ faucets.

He said MRWD remains capable of distributing water in the whole city, and the towns of Panitan, Panay, Ivisan, and Sigma.

Earlier, the consumers voiced out their disappointment with MRWD’s services.

Delgado said they are doing everything to resolve all the problems being experience by their consumers.IMT


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