Of leadership and interests

INTERCOURSE | Rhoderick Maquirang TecsonI have criticized the President several times especially in instances when I knew that he could have done better but did worst than expected of him.

He has the tendency to “summarily execute” his political enemies by declaring their cities or towns bedrocks of illegal drugs. He did it to Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog and recently to Vice President Leni Robredo.

Without meaning it and just wanting to please his wounded egos by the direct and indirect acts of both Mabilog and Robredo, the President has instead destroyed the reputation of the cities they came and its effects may not be felt immediately but the long-term negative economic impact is looming. Who would invest in a place tagged as a “bedrock of illegal drugs” by bo less than the President?

Such overstatements, however, also cast doubts on the capability and performance of the uniformed personnel as their officers are often times caught off-guard with the prouncement of the Commander-in-Chief. The most that they could offer is a statement telling everyone that the President may have his own sources and that they will have to verify it.

The almost too sweeping and leave-no-prisoner approach of the President in making bold policy statements often end up to nothing. He declared that in a few months time after ascending to power he will eradicate drugs and graft and corruption in the country.

Now, after several bloody encounters and state-sanctioned murders which the police never get tired of denying, the war against illegal drugs is far from over. He may have fired several alleged corrupt officials, but the same gets recycled in new positions among other government agencies.

We can only imagine a beautiful Kat de Castro of Department of Tourism who has the bile to bring his boyfriend to several official department functions and showcase their photographs on her social media account and when asked to submit a courtesy resignation by her new department secretary held on to her position instead and after sometime gets saved by Duterte and was appointed as board of director of the state-owned media outfit IBC-13?

President Duterte’s punches land short in these instances. No, not just short. It’s suspiciously short.

However, it will be unfair not to mention and credit the President in his bullying tactics and crude diplomacy.

He is the only leader we had who never held back in attacking other nations especially the United States of America and institutions like the European Union and the United Nations.

Looking back, the US has always considered the country an ally but treated us like second-rated friends. In terms of military equipment, we only get surplus and second-hand hardware.

Then came Duterte who ranted against former US President Barak Obama and called the Americans thieves referring to the Balangiga Bells the US soldiers squandered from the country during the early decades of struggle.

In a show of unrelenting bravery and tirade against the US, Duterte pushed his stupid China policy, though we can only wish and pray that he is only playing his cards and its all about a bet on his table. He even engaged President Vladimir Putin of Russia and declared he prefers the Russian over other leaders.

I said stupid China policy because much has been said about the economic aid, loans and grants from the Chinese, nothing noteworthy yet has been actualized. But then, the Americans are rushing to send their support to the Philippine military. That by itself is a clear indication of winning for Duterte.

Recently, the shrewed President made public his interest of arming the military of a submarine and choppers and his plan to get it from Russia. Almost immediately the US warned him about it. Instead of listening, he delivered his counter-attack and cursed the Americans.

Now, the Americans wanted to meet him and discuss a friendly procurement of their F-16s fighter jets and submarines. Duterte is probabky saying, LMAO! Outstanding achievement I must say.

Even the Europeans who once provided the country grants with conditions are now wanting to deliver their goods without any considerations.

Yes, it is only fitting to recognize the president. Our only problem left, i must say, is the ulterior motive of the president for the Philippines.

He wanted the Marcoses to regain power and it is actually an opening for the plunderers of this small nation to rape the Filipinos again.

He sentenced and silenced the drug addicts and mid-level illegal drugs pushers in the country but offered safe haven to Peter Lim, a police identified drug personality but at the same time a kumpadre of the president.

He wanted all his critics jailed, accused of illegal drugs involvement or dead.

Its now a issue of astute leadership and interests. He wanted the citizens to be like the late Ninoy Aquino but chose not celebrate his death anniversary.

Where are all these leading remains a question and the Filipino people today are suffering of the scarcity of rice and fish. Meantime, his keyboard warriors are making us believe that everything will be fine by spreading fake numbers and news.