On Gay Marriage and Moronic Boxers

Peter Solis Nery of Iloilo Metropolitan TimesI did not believe in gay marriage until my gay husband died. Sure, I married a gay man. And sure, we were in love, and such love was even extended to how much we cared for the world, and fought for causes that were almost considered lost. He had his HIV prevention advocacy, and I have my indigenous literature promotion project. We were happy and in love; and, at least, to our circle of friends and acquaintances in the Philippines and abroad, we were seen and respected as a power couple. But when my husband died, I was grateful that America, and the states of California and Maryland especially, recognized our gay marriage.

My husband wasn’t perfect. In fact, I hate him for neglecting to change the beneficiary of his quarter million dollars retirement savings account to my name, so it ended up benefiting his sister instead of his young sexy Filipino widower. My husband also died without a will. And, if we were not married, if I did not have a marriage certificate to show for it, I would have to fight for even just a tiny part of his estate. So, because my gay marriage saved me all that trouble after he died, I was glad that I said yes when he proposed to marry me in 2008. And so, I clearly support gay marriage now.

I am not a fan of boxing. I think it is a savage, brutal game. It’s like animals fighting. I am a thinker, and I pride myself for being smart, well read, educated, and eloquent. I mean, it shows in my writing. I do not like politics, and I am also not suitable for it. I am too honest, and perhaps a little too uncompromising. Bottom line, I think that people have individual gifts. Some are thinkers, some are politicians, some are boxers, some are just stupid. Of course, there can be combinations of stupid-boxer-politicians who are not very good at it, too. But I really respect people who are experts in their field, even if it’s just stupid boxing.

I am a Roman Catholic, and until the Catholic Church decides to excommunicate me, I will die a Catholic. But even if the church excommunicates me, I still would think that I will have a better relationship, and be more at peace with God than homophobic and hypocritical morons, whether they be stupid boxers, corrupt politicians, or stupid-boxer-politicians.

I love the Bible. I spent a few years in the seminary, and was a pretty good Scripture scholar myself. I can tell you exactly which gospel was written first, in what years, and in what historical and cultural context. Do I know a little Aramaic? You bet! That’s the language Jesus used in his public ministry. I’ve read the Bible, and scholarships about it. But do I go around preaching verses? No! Instead, I go around trying to be the new Christ, altus Christus, healing people, helping people, and witnessing to the central message of the Bible, which, if you still don’t know it, is all about Love. Inclusive love. Unconditional love. Love without ifs or buts.

Do I believe that we should quote Bible verses to solve the problems of our society? No! Verses are just words. But, if you live out the values taught in the Bible, maybe, our society can be helped. So, please, if you are just a stupid-boxer-politician, keep your mouth shut. Who do you think you are? You talk about expressing your own opinion, well, guess what? Your opinion is as stupid as you are. Why is it so important for you to express your hateful, homophobic opinion? Are you a latent homosexual, perhaps using boxing as a disguise to satisfy your S & M fantasies with other men? Now, that really makes me think!

Did you really imagine Jesus Christ would have said the words that you said about gays and lesbians? Or where you simply consumed by your ill-placed self-righteousness? Where exactly in the Bible did Jesus Christ say that gays and lesbians are worse than animals? You can turn the Bible upside down and inside out, but, and I can safely bet my ass here, you won’t find it. Jesus is a bigger man than you are. But the essence of what he said will always be true: Those who have no sin may cast the first stone.

I will not dignify your scientific ignorance about animal homosexuality. I have a B.S. Biology degree from UP. Do yourself a favor. Instead of running for political and public office, spend your wealth and time getting a real education. I mean, study, get a degree, and don’t just buy it. Don’t be a moron for life. Now, if you want to concentrate on biblical and scriptural studies, do it. Study. Get into a seminary, maybe in Rome, you can afford it, or the United States. Just don’t cut the Bible, and think that God only speaks to you that way. God speaks to homosexuals, too, when they make love to other men, and not hitting them for sports and

Oh, and about that crap about loving the gay community but not their homosexual activities, if you are smart enough, you know that it’s all rhetoric. Just words. Politics to get votes. It’s not even logical. You can love the thief, but not stealing, and that’s all right. But why would one be homosexual if he cannot be sexed homosexually? There’s a reason why God did not invent boxing: God didn’t want dumb people to have brain damage!