P200-M mega dike in Antique town to break down this month

A P200-million dike in the northern town of Culasi, Antique is set for ground-breaking on June 29.

Antique Governor Rhodora Cadiao on Monday said she was informed during their meeting at the Regional Development Council (RDC) meeting in Bacolod City last week that the bidding for the multi-million peso-project has been conducted and set for groundbreaking.

The project will reinforce the old dam that was constructed about 50 years ago.

“It will benefit the whole town of Culasi and it will especially address the flooding problem that also affects even the district hospital there,” Cadiao said.

She said the old Bacong dam, which irrigates the farmland in the town, has a crack that causes flooding in the municipality.

“I am happy that there will be a mega dike soon to be constructed because the old dam was established when my father was still governor,” she said.

Cadiao’s father, Josue, served as head of the province from 1955-1963 and was instrumental in the construction of the old dam.

Cadiao attributed the realization of the project to Senate Finance Committee Senator Loren Legarda who helped look for the project fund.

The water in the old dam originates from the river basin from Mt. Madiaas, which is considered as one of the highest peaks in Panay Island.PNA