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I am no saint and in several times I have been so morbid in my jokes but never that I have imagined President Rodrigo Duterte of this archipelago would publicly boast of his huge dick in front of the people who were listening to his speech.

It cannot be denied that the president is the most tactless leader this country ever had even making fun of himself in discussing a very sensitive crime of rape.

President Rodrigo Duterte talk about penis
President Rodrigo Duterte talk about penis

Murder is something so normal for him to a point that he publicly admitted to the crime knowing that nobody will dare investigate him especially the Philippine National Police (PNP) who has succumbed to being his personal butchers.

His “papatayin kita” threats has become a national policy against crime killing several thousands of criminals and drug personalities which has not deterred however the operations of the offenders. The illegal drugs situation in the country has so war worsened and the extra-judicial murders being carried by the PNP has become an apparatus to silence the critics of the administration and the political opposition.

Anyone who wanted to criticize him becomes a candidate of his narco list.

He once berated a decorated PNP officer in Bacolod City and accused him and his men of protecting illegal drug personalities. It eventually turned out that the poor police officer did not concede to a request of the city mayor who is very close to a wealthy businessman connected to Duterte.

This is our president who interestingly has maintained a very favorable trust and approval rating among Filipinos of which is being capitalized by his spin masters in answering the criticisms hurled against him.

Probably, it’s also the main reason why Duterte and his terminal attitude as a leader has become hopeless as it levels up to a new worst every day.

Imagine a president talking about his illegal drugs campaign and warning his appointed leaders against wrong doings and suddenly segues about his huge dick that he would have cut had God given him a small one.

What is the business of every Juan de la Cruz on the dick of Duterte? Is it helping him save these country from the negative effects of his nightmare on illegal drugs? Will it educate the Filipinos that the likes of Imee Marcos, Bong Go, Larry Gadon and Bato de la Rosa are not deserving of a Senate seat?

A positive trust rating in surveys does not in any way justifies Duterte from boasting about his stupid dick while talking on a podium with a Philippine presidential seal attached. Its not just degrading the office but the people it represents as a whole.

I am not a moralist and will never be and I do not even wish to premise my thoughts on the limiting public norms but a president boasting about his dick on an official platform is not just uncalled for. It is worst than plunder and rape.

It’s hard to reconcile the fact that Duterte can afford to boast publicly about his enormous dick opening about his most private life yet would not explain to the public allegations on his wealth after the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) detailed a report about it. His lame excuse is his privacy.

Apparently, it’s not just about double standards. The president is only wanting to elude having to explain the unexplainable and tactically used his sorry dick to dock and cover.

And for a patient who takes fentanyl to manage a pain due to an ailment that he won’t admit, it’s just hard to reconcile if ever indeed he has a functioning dick.


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