Price increases ‘insignificant’ -DTI-6

There were increases in prices of some basic necessities and prime commodities but the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI-6) considered them “insignificant.”

Based on the latest suggested retail prices (SRPs)  released by the DTI, prices of several canned sardines, milk, three-in-one coffee, salt, detergent and laundry soaps, condiments, and processed canned meat went up.

DTI-6 Regional Director Rebecca M. Rascon attributed the price adjustments mainly to the increased costs of raw materials, packaging materials, and fuel.

She said some of the ingredients and raw materials in the production of the items were imported.

“The computation on production cost therefore affects the final selling price of the product,” Rascon explained.

The increase in prices of canned sardines ranges from 50 centavos to P1.65.

Prices of milk products (condensed milk, condensada, evaporated milk, evaporada and powdered milk) rose by 50 centavos to P6.30.

Three-in-one coffee products registered an increase of 30 centavos.

The increase in prices of salt ranges from 50 centavos to 75 centavos.

Prices of detergent and laundry soaps went up by 70 centavos to 75 centavos.

Condiments became pricier by 30 centavos to P1.25.

The increase in prices of processed meat ranges from 25 centavos to P1.75.IMT


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