Professionalism to upgrade Philippine Media

reymar-latozaStandard and Values are often sacrifice to let more money pour into company’s income. This downgrades Journalism in our country. Who cares if the news stories are not properly structured? Who cares of the news values and  the S-V-O pattern in headlining? Who cares if the context is poor? Who cares if stories are worthy or not?

The influence of media is undeniably infectious, like bacteria , the messages we see on TV, we hear on radio, and we read on newspaper are directly transmitting and uncontrollably spreading to many people, Similar to bacteria, media can either be in a good or in a bad form. The more exposed you are, the more you become susceptible of its effect.

This defines media as among the critical sectors in society. Its importance, significance and responsibility in making the kind world that we want to live as a whole. My college years inspired of its role of informing, educating and providing intellectual entertainment to people .However, the other side of the coin tells its lethal effect once it is use with hidden agenda.

I took up broadcasting for my eagerness to be part of an organization that has a direct power over information management. Press freedom is an exceptional gift that empowers journalists, broadcasters, and others who are in line with media.

In the context of media practice, press freedom is mere license used to protect one from reporting and writing news but ignoring the huge responsibilities when holding a microphone, facing the camera and holding a pen. We have lots of mediamen (some are self-acclaimed) but only few thinks of social responsibility, accuracy, and ethical standards.

Though the traditional media like TV, radio, and newspaper are still in the forefront of providing information to the people, but as time goes by it is losing its form, the way I knew it. Professionalism in news organizations is fading which reflects the caliber of daily production.

I am greatly concerned with state of local media. If standard defines the news organization and ethics identify what kind of journalist we are, the humiliating truth would haunt us that we are suffering from the downgrade of our profession.

Professionalism is a mirror of an infused knowledge, journalistic skill, creativity, conduct and independence of journalists. Do you think our mediamen here have all this qualities? And do they deserve to be called professionals? (countable)

Isn’t it degrading for our profession to know that a lot of mediamen are lack of professionalism (no offense) to intellectually satisfy people by its service?

Reporters are always crossing the line of what is not suppose to be aired, sensitive issue like this needs a careful presentation to avoid victims to be victimized again. Sensationalizing police reports such between wife and husband and live-in partners are too emphasized it has less public significance. Lack of context is the common failure of local media especially in radio who are competing in the fastness of breaking the news. It usually result to inaccuracy, delivering unverified details, error in figures, names, and other facts.

I’m maybe too young (beginner, neophyte, novice) to talk about the mistakes of the people ahead of me in profession and to focus on the problems of news organizations, but I believe truth –telling doesn’t matter wether you are old and young, or you are beginner and old hand, as long as you understand what is right and wrong, you can stand up with full courage to remind the line between what is good and bad.

Where is professionalism now? We need to uplift the values and upgrade the standard of practice to save the dying state of Philippine Journalism.