PSTMO won’t apprehend bicycles in Iloilo City

The Public Safety and Transportation Management Office (PSTMO) will not apprehend bicycles plying major thoroughfares in Iloilo City.

Jeck Conlu, PSTMO head, issued an official statement on Wednesday morning denying a news report that their office will impose penalties on bikers who violate Regulation Ordinance 1982-354.

“There is no truth on that as we remain in the forefront of supporting the city’s bike-friendly initiatives,” he said.

The ordinance, according to Conlu, prohibits bikers in some parts of the city.

But he said provisions in the ordinance are obsolete and need to be amended.

“What we are currently working on is the effort to update our ordinances in order to be responsive and make it cohesive to today’s direction of the city,” Conlu said.

The PSTMO claimed that his interview over radio station Bombo Radyo-Iloilo was “taken out of context.”

“I take full responsibility on the oversight of the news as I was taken out of context, but then again, please know that there was no intent to undermine the efforts of this administration,” he said.

Mayor Jose Espinosa III also issued a statement saying that the “outdated” ordinance “does not serve constituents interest and purpose to date and runs counter to the government’s efforts to curb air pollutions by encouraging smoke-free vehicle like bicycles.”

“I am forwarding this ordinance to the Iloilo City Council so that they may repeal or amend this law to protect the bikers and best serve the Ilonggos of today.”

In 2016, the Iloilo City Council approved an ordinance designating elevated bike lanes along Senator Benigno S. Aquino Jr. Avenue or Diversion Road in Mandurriao district.

Last year, Iloilo was hailed as the “Most Bike-Friendly City” in the Philippines.IMT


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