Public urged: Report those who mix NFA with commercial rice

National Food Authority (NFA-6) Director Angel G. Imperial Jr. (Photo from NFA’s Facebook page)

The National Food Authority (NFA-6) urged the public to report illegal activities involving both rice traders and retailers through its Kontra Abuso hotlines.

Angel G. Imperial Jr., NFA-6 director, assured that appropriate actions will be taken once the reports are proven true.

Illegal activities, according to the director, include hoarding, diversion, and mixing of NFA rice with commercial rice.

“These packs of mixed NFA and commercial rice are being sold at higher prices,” Imperial said.

“Help us curb these illegal activities here. The agency cannot solve it alone,” he appealed.

Those found guilty will be slapped with penalties.

Imperial warned NFA rice retailers that their accreditation is just a privilege and should they find probable cause, the authorities can “immediately suspend their allocation.”

He said they have not received any complaint so far.

The Kontra Abuso numbers are 0927 8719921 for the central office and 0905 4391235 for the regional level.

“Out hotlines are open 24/7,” Imperial said.IMT