Segovia’s resignation is right


“I think my resignation was the only way to avoid bloodshed.” –Eduard Shevardnadze

NEW YORK CITY — After her much-publicized quarrel with Iloilo City Rep.  Jerry Treñas recently, Iloilo Dinagyang Foundation, Inc. (IDFI) vice president Marissa Segovia made the right decision to tender her “irrevocable” resignation.

They may say she was only carried by her emotions and made the decision to quit “on the spur of the moment” being a woman.
But it’s difficult to fix a glass that has been cracked especially if the tiff was tainted with a political undertone.

Treñas reportedly lashed at the businesswoman during a meeting of the Iloilo Economic Development Foundation on Feb. 14 blaming her for not inviting him to the Dinagyang Festival last month.

Treñas and Segovia are not strangers to each other.

They were good friends. And also their respective families.

They worked together not only to achieve IDFI goals and commitment to public when Treñas was city mayor from 2001 to 2010, but also to help buttress the good standing of the Iloilo Business Club (IBC) in the Ilonggo community where Segovia was also an executive.


Segovia decided to quit from the IDFI but did not issue any statement to the media ostensibly after “being humiliated” by the congressman’s alleged unexpected verbal assault. 

If not for politics, there would have been no “heated” confrontation that hurt Segovia and forced her to call it a day.

If not for politics, no one would have raised a whimper that he was left out in the proper protocol for an important event. 
Politics smeared their friendship.

Treñas is running again for city mayor versus Mayor Jose “Joe III” Espinosa III, Segovia’s other friend, in the May 2019 elections.

If Treñas will win, Segovia will be in a very uncomfortable situation running the affairs of the foundation with her “tormentor” at the helm.

And if Treñas will use his power and influence to scrutinize or audit IDFI’s financial records, she will have to belabor painstakingly even if they weren’t hiding  something. 

The mental and emotional stress may not be necessary and good for Segovia, who is highly respected in the business community.


Meanwhile, no one has owned up to the snafu especially as to why Treñas was not officially invited.

What ensued next was finger-pointing and offensive justifications from IDFI president Ramon Cua Locsin, who made all the explanation–not particularly in defense of Segovia–but to inform the public they were running the foundation well and shouldn’t be held accountable for sidestepping some VIPs during the occasion, stressing that the responsibility had already been delegated to the city mayor.

Locsin made a lengthy elucidation like he himself was involved in the fracas. 
In a statement distributed to media, Locsin stressed: “We believe that we have discharged our duties fairly and judiciously for the successful conduct of the Dinagyang Festival, and we hope that this will end the controversy raised by those whose self-interest could trivialize the achievements of the Iloilo Dinagyang Festival and IDFI.”

He added: “IDFI has always acted with good faith in dealing with all partners of the festival. This is a major factor for the high trust rating of the public in IDFI. This is also the basis of Ms. Segovia’s statement during one of her interviews that Cong. Treñas was invited in the festivities. The City Mayor was also consistent in his interviews that everyone was welcome.” 


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