Seriously, Frank?

Senator Franklin Drilon
Senator Franklin Drilon

Last month, Senator Franklin Drilon inaugurated the first Museum of the Philippine Economic History located at the renovated and refurbished century-old Ynchausti house in downtown Iloilo. He was with several guests and people from the National Historical Commission of the Philippines. His overweight figure was drenched in sweat and was even made to wait longer before the activity can start because of a lengthy power interruption.

Poor Drilon, before President Rodrigo Duterte was elected he used to be a royal VIP and now aside from being sidelined in the A-listers of Philippine politics, he is attending an event where he is made to wait. So he complained and  attributed the delay to the power interruption which he blamed to Panay Electric Company (PECO), the embattled power distribution utility of Iloilo City. He said PECO must give up the right for its unrenewed franchise because it is evident that it can no longer serve efficiently noting the brownout that turned his body to look like a roasted boar.

What Drilon failed to know or maybe acknowledge was the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) scheduled power interruption that affected the opening of the event he was attending. The organizers could have prepared contingencies knowing that a royal Ilonggo VIP was attending then.

The other day, Drilon came back and this time he was talking about the Dark Ages which the city will experience if Monte Oro Resources and Energy (MORE) of his dear friend Enrique Razon cannot get possession or PECO’s property. MORE is the new franchisee of the power distribution in Iloilo City and the only franchise holder so far in the country or perhaps the world who does not own and erected a single post. It can be remembered during the deliberation of its franchise that it promised of a mobile sub-station if PECO will not sell their assets. Drilon should know that his friend Razon has not delivered.

Drilon now wants MORE and PECO to amicably settle their differences. Mr. Drilon should remember that as former Justice Secretary the law that allowed MORE to expropriate PECO is patently unconstitutional as the power of eminent domain is non-transferrable and can only be exercised by that state.

The suggestion of Drilon means PECO or any businesses being illegally taken over should just yield to preserve order. Why? Is Drilon afraid that the people will know of his personal participation  in the struggle that PECO is experiencing now?

PECO should be transparent enough now to the public and disclose the identity of their directors in order for the people to establish the what, why, and who of their struggles.

Drilon is now worried that comes May 2019 when the Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) of PECO expires, Iloilo City will experience blackouts. The Ilonggo senator must explain why the hell in the first place he allowed MORE’s franchise in the Senate knowing that it don’t even have a single pole if ever indeed he is worried that his beloved city will experience black outs. The least that he could have done was to question it. He did not. Why?

Now Drilon wants his presence felt and he wants to wash his hands at the same time. The way he delivered his message to both MORE and PECO, he wants to be a hero, again.

Amicable settlement is easy but it will not unmask the greedy pig or pigs who started all these. PECO anyway has declared that it will continue their services until all lawsuits are settled. So the worry of Drilon has already been answered.

Frank Drilon concluded by asking about the welfare of the consumers if the legal battle will continue. Seriously, only now Frank?


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