This is the first of two issues that IMT NEWS will be coming out this year as it celebrates its sixth year in Western Visayas as the only business and tourism news weekly.

The first five years saw the publication of the anniversary issue every January 27th in time for the birth of Metropolitan Global PH Communications Co, the publisher of the paper.

This year IMT NEWS begins a new journey as it continuously attempt to innovate in order to provide its readers and followers a different experience to look forward to.

We have moved the first anniversary issue to this day and we will be coming out with another one in order to cover a broader coverage of the interesting topics around the region.

Three more special issues  which will highlight regional and national activities and events will be launched this year.

On the other hand, IMT NEWS ONLINE saw its first broadcast last March. It is another project that we have started this sixth year in order to bring newspapering to a new level. In partnership with Courtyard by Marriott, newsmakers are interviewed live and aired via the Facebook  and and YouTube accounts of Iloilo Metropolitan Times. We are looking forward to capitalizing on it as one of our main anchor points of information.

We are doing all these in the middle of a realistic threat on the existence of the mainstream media coming from the government who easily brands critical outlets as paid hacks and the trolls who act like they know all and would rather present themselves as the real and alternative source of information all at the same time.

It’s not easy but we have survived last year. Our gratitude to all those who supported and believed in us. Please help us this year as we venture to a more challenging year ahead.


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