sultadaBulang has never failed to amaze cultural scholars as to why the game or for some gambling has never ceased to get the interest of males and females alike. The enthusiasts call it passion. Some call it devotion while there are a few of course who would rather gamble their future for the love of the game. Well love of course is not all good, at times, it destroys.

Like any other game, the rule changes. In cockfighting, changes are not so much on how a cock goes on air for the kill but on the science of feed preparation, the vitamins and minerals it is allowed to get and the training regiment cocks are provided during the 21-day keep.

The Lutero Brothers Gamefowl Farm in Janiuay Iloilo has its own practices and rules. The November preparation of hens and roosters for the mating season is strictly observed so that after two weeks the first batch of eggs are ready for laying. Collections of eggs are scheduled twice a week.

Eggs are cleaned thoroughly for incubating and candling is being practiced until hatching. Brooding areas are prepared and an immunization schedule is strictly adhered to. A range area is also prepared where the batch can roam around for at least five months in order to harden the chickens.

The fifth to seventh month are spent for muscle development and protein in the  diet of the batch is increased. At least 60-days before the fight, protein in-take is lowered in preparation for the 21-day keep where they observe controlled-diet.

But just how exactly a good fighting cock is selected? Atty. Jojo Lutero quips, “My stags and cocks are excellent fighters.” He added though, “One must be a learned chicken-man or cockfighter to spot the champion material.”

The breed also matters. The most common are Hatch and Light Fowls. Combining the two is another science that seasoned breeders do all the time in order to achieve a superior cock.

Whats the best asset then in going into gamefowl? Mr. Lutero, the famous soon to be Vice Mayor of Janiuay said, “You just need an extra capital.” Indeed, without it, cocks may not crow at all.


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