Thank You

Rhod TecsonTo write or not to write again has been my dillema until this wee hours of January 22. I guess it must have been about the fear of deadlines that Mr. Francis Allan Angelo of The Daily Guardian, a pillar in the print medium has brought in me. In fact, it was he who connived with my naugthy mind to come up with the title of this column-INTERcourse.  Of course by definition, it is simply an act of making love for lovers, an act of doing it for the devout Catholics, simply sex for FWBs and copulation if I will borrow the term in the lecture of Director Boguy Molejona of the Population Commission.

Mr. Angelo said the simple explanation should be through an intellectual discourse approach. That is widening the definition of intercourse. He explained that it should not be limited to physical. It must include the definition in the mental, intellectual and even spiritual context of the word. Of course, my curious mind asked him to explicate his definition. He came up with a somehow annoyed answer-INTERsection of disCOURSE.


Now I am left alone in the wilderness of my thoughts grappling some words along the imaginary INTERsection that he has created for this column which will become my disCOURSE along the way. I must come up with something to make him feel proud of me or maybe despise for telling the world that like me, in the other paper, an editor is also fond of doing INTERcourse.

The idea of discussing my thoughts is not necessarily new to me as I have been doing this on air for more than a decade now. There are even times when it is an urge that must be satisfied but discussing an idea on air is far too different than writing it on paper. It is not just writing, reading it matters.

In radio, I can play with my voice to let people stay and listen. In print, I must admit I am afraid of the readers. I am thinking now of the unthinkable that is seeing my print and my face being used as a dried fish wrapper of Ninfel’s.

It is along these thoughts now that somehow the concept of this column is beginning to dawn in me. Indeed its a long and hard way ahead.  Interacting and discoursing the issues ahead, above-board and at par with those who have come ahead. Will I be as boombastic  as I am on air? Will there be continuity of the issues you hear over Radio Mindanao Network every 7:00 to 9:00 pm?  Nah, I am seeing now the path towards the INTERsection.

It is healthy to be critical. However, I should say, a different approach will do. There’s a lot of bad news out there with a good perspective to invite change and make the whole bad idea better. Let’s just say along the INTERsection of disCOURSE at the far end is a beautiful rainbow above. This column will try to fathom that rainbow and provide a whole new alternative idea on things, events and people among others. Of course, the fact remains rainbows are not necessarily an indication of thunderstorm less weather.

In the meantime, I must acknowledge the important contributions of a few who mattered in the birth of this whole new idea and challenge. Thank you Mr. Sammy Julian of Panay News for suggesting that Iloilo has no business paper. Though I laughed whole-heartedly when he brought up the idea because in my line of work, mastery is a must except for and when interpreting business data.

The same message of gratitude goes to Mr. Nerio Lujan of the Office of the Governor of the Province of Iloilo for the input regarding the local touch of the paper by including the Iloilo in its name.

A lot more names whom I cannot recall goes a sincere thank you. Isn’t wonderful if we are whispering something in prayer in front of the nameless soldiers’ tomb?  Of course I only mean to express my gratitude and I do not wish you dead.


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