The Defensive Man

 Fiel Anthony Fegarido
Fiel Anthony Fegarido MVP Toyota League

“Never give up, always believe in yourself and most of all stay humble” Fiel Anthony Fegarido, 19, is a basketball fanatic. He is been playing basketball for how many years. His father thought him how to play from the very basic until he reached the mastery of his sport. Feil stands 5’10’’ and weighs 79 kilograms. He is taking up BS Marine Transportation in a maritime school in Iloilo City. He is a 2-time MVP in the Toyota league mythical 5 and Milo best center “Best Defensive Man Level 3”

Here’s the uncut interview of IMT with Fiel

Why Basketball? What makes it special to you?

Basketball is so special to me because it makes my body physically fit, it makes my muscle mature, and MOST OF ALL IF YOU’RE A GOOD PLAYER IN BASKETBALL, GIRLS ARE COMING IN YOUR WAY..:-). Aside from physical development, basketball also gave me scholarship. My parents are paying less for my schooling.

How did you learn playing basketball?

When I’m still young my father thought me how to play basketball. He taught me how to dribble, to pass, to shoot and most of all how to do the defense. To encourage and inspire me more, he would always bring me to watch his game.

When moved to high school, my coach developed my skills, correct my attitude inside the court. I became more sincere and serious in my trainings.

What kind of basketball player are you?

I am respectful to my coach, my teammates, and I always remind myself to remain humble inside and outside the court. I never pressure myself to make a score; I just focus in playing defense in every game.

How do you prepare yourself before the competition?

I do proper conditioning. I jog in a five-kilometer long way three times a week. Constant practice inside the court to develop my speed, my shooting skills, my dribbling skills, my passing skills and most of all my defense. Two days before the competition I make myself refreshed, with enough rest for the competition.

What are your learnings?

I’d learned many things in basketball, especially my attitude inside and outside the court. Basketball has made me more friendly to other players of every team we face inside the court.

Who is/are your inspiration/s?

My inspirations are my Family, my friends, and my girlfriend for almost six years.

What advice can you give to those who are interested in playing basketball?

To those who are interested in playing basketball, practice hard, play smart, never give up, and always believe in yourself and most of all stay humble.


  1. ERRATUM: There was a typo error in the article above entitled “THE DEFENSIVE MAN” It was written this way:”His father thought him”. The correct is “TAUGHT”. I APOLOGIZE. – REYMAR LATOZA

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